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Used DC Power Supply

Authorized distributor for new Agilent, Sorensen, B&K Precision, Magna-Power, Chroma, Instek, Extech, Tektronix, Keithley, Topward DC Power Supply products. Used power supplies from Agilent. Most items also available for rental or lease.

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Used DC Power Supply By Manufacturer

 Used Agilent DC Power Supply
 Used Tektronix DC Power Supply
 Used Keithley DC Power Supply
 Used Hameg DC Power Supply
 Used Sorensen DC Power Supply
 Used Magna-Power Electronics DC Power Supply
 Used Chroma DC Power Supply
 Used B&K Precision DC Power Supply
 Used Extech DC Power Supply
 Used Instek DC Power Supply
 Used Topward DC Power Supply
 Used Aim-TTi DC Power Supply
 Used Xantrex DC Power Supply

Used DC Power Supply Products

6030A-6038A Power Supplies 240 W to 1200 W, Autoranging  Used
66111A Fast Transient DC Source 15V, 3A, 5A Peak  Used
664x, 665x, 667x, 65xxA Power Supplies 200 W, 500 W, 2000 W  Used - Priced from $5,551
668xA, 669xA Series Power Supplies 5000 W and 6600 W  Used
E3611A Power Supply 0-20 V, 0-1.5 A or 0-35 V, 0-0.85 A  Used - Priced from $295
E3617A Power Supply 0-60 V, 0-1 A  Used - Priced from $495
N6705A DC Power Analyzer 4 power supplies integrated with DMM, Scope, Arb, Datalogger  Used
237 High-Voltage Source-Measure Unit 0 to ±110V, ±100mA or 0 to ±1100V, ±10mA  Used
248 High Voltage Power Supply 0-5 kV, 5 mA  Used
2600A Series SourceMeters To 200 V, 100 A, Single/Dual channels  Used
SFA160/94 High Slew Rate Current Source 0-160 V, 0-94 A  Used
SGA250/100 Programmable DC Power Supply 0-250V, 0-100A  Used
SGI40X125C Programmable DC Power Supply   Used
XDC Series Programmable DC Power Supplies 6,000 and 12,000 Watts  Used
XFR Series Programmable DC Power Supplies 1,200 and 2,800 Watts  Used
XG 1700 Watt Series Programmable DC Power Supplies 1700 Watts, 1U rack package  Used - Priced from $1,495
XG 850 Watt Series Programmable DC Power Supply 850 Watts, 1U half-rack package  Used - Priced from $1,195
XTR 850 Watt Series Programmable DC Power Supplies 850 Watts, 1U half-rack package  Used
 B&K Precision
1506 Multiple Output AC/DC Power Supply 0-12 VDC x2, 0-12 VAC x2, 0-115 VAC x1  Used
1620A DC Power Supply 0-18V, 0-5A, Analog Meters  Used
1626A DC Power Supply 0-18 V, 0-3 A, Analog Meters  Used
1770 Programmable DC Power Supply Dual range: 0-17.5V, 0-6A or 0-35V, 0-3A. GPIB.  Used
VSP2050 DC Power Supply 0-20V, 0-50A, Programmable, RS-232C or GPIB  Used
GPR-1850HD Power Supply 0-15V, 0-50A  Used - Priced from $1,295
PSH Series Power Supplies Up to 1080W; Programmable Switching  Used