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Switch Unit

Authorized distributor for new Agilent and Keithley switch unit systems. Used switch unit systems from HP/Agilent. Most items also available for rent or lease.


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All Switch Unit Products

3488A HP-IB Switch/Control Unit   Used - Priced from $100
34970A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit 6-1/2 Digits, 3-Slots, 120-Ch, GPIB, RS-232  New - Priced from $1,129
34972A LXI Data Acquisition/Switch Unit 6-1/2 Digits, 3-Slots, 120-Ch, USB, LAN (LXI-C)  New - Priced from $1,400
34980A Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit 6-1/2 Digits, 8-Slots, 560-Ch, GPIB, LAN (LXI-C), USB  New - Priced from $421
3499A/B/C Switch/Control Mainframe Includes 4447X and N22XX Series Modules  Used
59306A HP-IB Relay Actuator   Used
L4400 Series LXI Switching and Control Units   New - Priced from $1,708
L4421A 40-Channel Armature Multiplexer 40 channels, up to 300V, built-in Ethernet  New - Priced from $1,858
L4433A Dual/Quad 4x8 Reed Matrix High-speed matrix, 64 2-wire or 128 1-wire cross-points  New - Priced from $2,218
L4437A General Purpose Switch 32-Channel Form A/Form C  New - Priced from $1,708
L4450A 64-bit Digital I/O Eight 8-bit channels, w/Memory & Counter  New - Priced from $2,367
L4451A 4-Channel D/A Converter 4-ch, w/Waveform Memory  New - Priced from $2,872
L4452A Multifunction with Digital I/O, D/A, Totalizer 32-bit DIO, 2-ch D/A and Totalizer  New - Priced from $1,888
U2121A USB Digital I/O Module 16 Inputs, 16 outputs, options for RF switching  New - Priced from $463
U2122A, U2123A USB Digital I/O Modules Up to 32 input terminals and 32 output terminals  New - Priced from $463
U2651A, U2652A, U2653A USB Digital I/O   New - Priced from $480
U2751A USB Modular Switch 4x8 2-Wire  New - Priced from $1,048
2700 DMM/Precision Data Acquisition System 6-1/2 Digits, 2 Slots, GPIB, RS-232  New - Priced from $1,650
3706A, 3700A Series System Switch/Multimeter 7-1/2 Digits, 6-Slots, GPIB, LAN, USB  New - Priced from $2,030
7001 Switch/Control Mainframe 2-Slots, up to 80 Channels  New - Priced from $2,380
7002 Switch/Control Mainframe 10-Slots, up to 400 Channels  New - Priced from $4,780
7116-MWS RF/Microwave Switch System 18GHz, 1x16 Multiplexer, Unterminated  New - Priced from $9,410
7702 Differential Multiplexer Module 40-Ch General Purpose, 2-Ch Current  New - Priced from $951
7703 High Speed Differential Multiplexer Module 32-Ch 2-pole or 16-Ch 4-pole  New - Priced from $1,140
7706 All-in-One I/O Module 20-Ch with CJC, 16-Ch Digital Out, 2 Analog In, Counter  New - Priced from $951
7707 Multiplexer I/O Module 10-Ch 2-Pole, 32-Ch Digital I/O  New - Priced from $839
7708 Differential Multiplexer Module 40-Ch, Thermocouple (CJC), plus General-Purpose  New - Priced from $951
7710 Differential Multiplexer Module 20-Ch, Thermocouple (CJC), plus General-Purpose, FET  New - Priced from $726
S46 RF/Microwave Switch System 32-Ch; 40GHz, Unterminated  New - Priced from $5,370
S46T RF/Microwave Switch System 32-Ch, 26.5GHz, Terminated  New - Priced from $6,520