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Wire Tracer


 All Hipot, Electrical Safety
 All Wire Tracer
 New Wire Tracer
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Hipot, Electrical Safety By Type

 Wire Tracer
 Earth Ground Tester
 Ground Bond Tester
 Hipot Tester
 Insulation Resistance, Megohmmeter
 Leakage Current Tester

Hipot, Electrical Safety By Manufacturer

 Agilent Wire Tracer
 Fluke Wire Tracer
 Chroma Wire Tracer
 B&K Precision Wire Tracer
 Extech Wire Tracer
 Instek Wire Tracer
 Hioki Wire Tracer
 Amprobe Wire Tracer
 QuadTech Wire Tracer

All Wire Tracer Products

 B&K Precision
262 Tone Generator & Cable Tracer Kit Tests phone lines /LAN cables  New - Priced from $74
CB10 Circuit Breaker Tester 3-in-1 Tester  New - Priced from $40
CB10-KIT Electrical Troubleshooting Kit Circuit Breaker Finder, Continuity & Voltage Tester  New - Priced from $90
CB20 Circuit Breaker Finder/Receptacle Tester 3-in-1 Tester transmitter/receiver  New - Priced from $90
CT20 Continuity Tester Remote and Local Continuity Tester  New - Priced from $33
ET10-10PK GFCI Receptacle Tester Tests GFCI and 3-wire receptacles; 10-Pack  New - Priced from $130
RT30 Wireless Circuit Identifier Transmitter/Receiver w/Clamp Probe, 914 MHz  New - Priced from $130
TG20 Wire Tracer Kit Non-Contact probe  New - Priced from $20
TG30 Wire Tracer/Tone Generator Kit Generator, Probe, Connectors, Adaptors/Clips , Case  New - Priced from $60
AT-1000 Advanced Tracer ADVANCED WIRE TRACER  New - Priced from $489
AT-2002 Advanced Wire Tracer Advanced Wire Tracer, Professional Commercial  Used
AT-2003 Advanced Wire Tracer Wire Tracer, Professional Open Tracer Syste  Used
AT-2004 Advanced Wire Tracer ADVANCED WIRE TRACER, PROF OPEN & CKT SYS  Used
AT-3500 Underground Cable / Pipe Locator System UNDERGROUND WIRE TRACER  New - Priced from $2,950
AT-4001CON Advanced Wire Tracer w/Soft Case  Used
AT-4003CON Advanced Wire Tracer with Hard Case ADVANCED WIRE TRACER, W/HARD CASE  Used
AT-4004CON Advanced Wire Tracer with Hard case and Clamp-On Attachment ADVANCED WIRE TRACER, W/HARD CASE & CLAMP-ON TRANSMITTER  Used
AT-4005CON Advanced Wire Tracer w/Hard Case, Clamp-On Attachment ADVANCED WIRE TRACER, W/HARDCASE/TRANS./BP/RECHARGER/CONVERT  Used
ATGC-1 Advanced Tracer Ground Coil ADVANCED TRACER GROUND COIL  Used
B2024 Battery Pack BATTERY PACK  Used
B2025 110 V Converter 110 V Converter  Used
BT-120 Breaker Tracer Identifies 120V breakers  New - Priced from $35
BT-250 Break'r Trac'r HIGH VOLTAGE BREAKER TRACER  New - Priced from $120
BT-5000 Rechargeable battery pack RECHARGABLE BATTERY PACK FOR TRANSMITTER AT-5000  New - Priced from $400
CT-100 Wire Tracer Current Tracer Kit  New - Priced from $575
CT-326B Current Tracer 9-300V AC/DC, 300-600VAC  Used
ECB50A Circuit Breaker Locator / Cable Tracer Performs 3 Tests, w/Transmitter & Receiver  New - Priced from $80
LT-10 Fluorescent Lamp Tester Tests bulbs, pins and voltage, 4' telescoping antenna  New - Priced from $100
M-3000 Mouse Transmitter Use with AT-3000 Series  Used
P-26 Current Tracer Probe For advanced circuit tracer  New - Priced from $550
R-4000 CON Receiver For AT-4000CON  New - Priced from $375
SC-3000 Signal Clamp Used w/pipes, wires or cables to 4" diameter  New - Priced from $550
T-4000 Transmitter For the AT-4000 Series  Used