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Meter Case


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Meter By Manufacturer

  Meter Case
 Agilent Meter Case
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 Anaheim Scientific Meter Case

All Meter Case Products

34131A Transit Case For single half-rack unit  New - Priced from $334
34161A Accessory Pouch   New - Priced from $46
34162A Accessory Pouch   New - Priced from $48
C125 Meter Case   New - Priced from $40
C12A Soft Case For 10 and 110 Series Meter  New - Priced from $30
C1600 Gear Box for Meter and Accessories   New - Priced from $65
C25 Large Soft Case for DMMs   New - Priced from $35
C510 Leather Case   New - Priced from $70
C550 Tool Bag Ballistic cloth, Steel reinforced frame  New - Priced from $95
TPAK ToolPak Universal Hanger with Magnet  New - Priced from $42
 B&K Precision
LC2650A Carrying Case Soft, Textured, Leather, For 2650A/2652A/2658A  New - Priced from $179
409992 Small Carrying Case Soft vinyl, 6.25 x 4.5 x 1"  New - Priced from $11
409996 Medium Carrying Case Soft vinyl, 7.8x5.3x.3"  New - Priced from $16
409997 Large Carrying Case Soft vinyl 9.5x7x2"  New - Priced from $21
CA500 Carrying Case   New - Priced from $20
CA895 Carrying Case Vinyl, 8.5x3.75x1.75", Belt loop  New - Priced from $10
CA899 Carrying Case Vinyl, 10 x 5 x 3", strap, belt loop  New - Priced from $15
CA900 Carrying Case Vinyl, 9.8 x 8 x 2", Wrist strap  New - Priced from $25
CA904 Carrying Case Hard case for ExStik® Kit  New - Priced from $27
HG500 Hanging Strap Hanging Strap for 500 Series MultiMeters  New - Priced from $10
9249 Carrying Case For 3665-20 LAN Cable Tester  New - Priced from $125
SV-1000 Carrying Case for AT-1000 Carrying Case for AT-1000  Used