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Current Probe

TestEquity is an authorized distributor of new oscilloscope current probe products from Tektronix, Agilent, Fluke, and Instek. We are also an authorized rental company for Agilent and Tektronix, and stock a wide variety of current probes for rental.

Current probes measure the flux field generated by the movement of electrons through a conductor. Within the range specifications of the current probe, the flux field surrounding a conductor is converted to a linear voltage output that can be displayed and analyzed on an oscilloscope or other measurement instrument.

Current probes are available for AC only and AC/DC current measurements. The AC only probes are available in solid and split core configurations.


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All Current Probe Products

1146B AC/DC Current Probe 100 mA to 100 A rms, dc to 100 kHz  New - Priced from $651
1147B AC/DC Current Probe DC to 50MHz, 10 Arms continuous  New - Priced from $2,245
N2774A AC/DC Current Probe DC to 50 MHz, 15 A continuous  Used
N2779A Current Probe Power Supply   New - Priced from $1,197
N2780B, N2781B, N2782B, N2783B, N2783L AC/DC Current Probes 2 MHz / 500 A to 100 MHz / 30 A  New - Priced from $2,698
N2820A, N2821A High Sensitivity AC/DC Current Probes 50 μA to 5 A, DC to 3 MHz  New - Priced from $3,066
N2893A AC/DC Current Probe 100 MHz, 15 A pk  New - Priced from $3,640
- Oscilloscope Probes Oscilloscope Probe Resource Page Interactive selection guide for probes, valuable downloads  New
1103 TekProbe Power Supply Provides power to active probes  New - Priced from $2,380
A621, A622 Current Probes   New - Priced from $672
AM503S AC/DC Current Probe System   Used
CT1, CT2, CT6 Current Probes Up to 2 GHz  New - Priced from $734
CT4 Current Transformer   Used
DPO3PWRBND, DPO4PWRBND Power Analysis Solution Bundle Suite of probes, analysis software, accessories  Used
P6021, P6021A, P6022 AC Current Probes Up to 15A peak  New - Priced from $1,570
P7240, P6249, P6241 Active Probes 4 GHz  New - Priced from $6,080
TCP0020 AC/DC Current Probe DC to 50 MHz, 20 A DC, 100 A Peak Pulse, TekVPI  New - Priced from $2,590
TCP0030, TCP0030A AC/DC Current Probes DC to 120 MHz, 30 A RMS, TekVPI Probe Interface  New - Priced from $3,690
TCP0150 AC/DC Current Probe DC to 20 MHz, 150 A RMS, TekVPI Probe Interface  New - Priced from $4,360
TCP2020 AC/DC Current Probe DC to 50 MHz, 20 A DC, 100 A Peak Pulse, direct BNC  New - Priced from $2,430
TCP202A AC/DC Current Probe DC to 50 MHz, 15 A DC, 50 A Peak Pulse, Tekprobe  New - Priced from $2,390
TCPA300, TCP312A, TCP305A, TCP303, TCPA400, TCP404XL <br>AC/DC Current Probe Measurement Systems DC to 2, 15, 50, 100 MHz  New - Priced from $1,580
 B&K Precision
CP62 Oscilloscope Current Clamp Probe 50 mA to 10 A peak, DC to 300 kHz  New - Priced from $495
GCP-020 Current Probe 40 Hz to 10 kHz, 200 A  New - Priced from $460
GCP-100 Current Probe DC to 100 kHz, 100 A  New - Priced from $675
GCP-206P, GCP-425P Probe Power Supply For Instek Oscilloscope Current Probes  New - Priced from $910
GCP-530, GCP-1030 Current Probes 50MHz/100MHz, 30A  New - Priced from $2,950
I-prober 520 Positional Current Probe   New - Priced from $795