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New Semiconductor test equipment from Keithley. Used Semiconductor test equipment from Agilent, Tektronix. Curve Tracers, Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers. Most items also available for rent or lease.


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All Semiconductor Products

4140B pA Meter/DC Voltage Source Measurements to 10e-15 A  Used
4142B Modular DC Source/Monitor   Used
4145B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer   Used
4155B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer   Used
4156B, 4156A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer   Used - Priced from $29,995
4156C Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer   Used
370A, 370B Curve Tracer Up to 220 W, Digital Storage  Used
371A, 371B Curve Tracer Up to 3 kW Peak, Digital Storage  Used
TekSelect Factory Reconditioned Instruments Updated Daily!  Used
2520 Diode Test System 20μs to 500ms  New - Priced from $20,900
4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System DC I-V, C-V, and Pulse  New
 B&K Precision
510A Transistor Tester Portable, Battery operated  Used
520C Semiconductor Tester Tests FET's, SCR's, & diodes  Used
570A Linear IC Tester Rugged, hand held, battery operated  New - Priced from $1,495
575A Digital IC Tester 40-pin  New - Priced from $1,195
AK57X Interface Software For 570A & 575A, USB  New - Priced from $700