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Airflow Meters


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All Airflow Meters Products

922 Airflow Meter/Micromanometer Pressure, Velocity, Volume, Temperature  New - Priced from $650
 B&K Precision
731A Anemometer 80-5900 ft/min., w/Wand Probe  New - Priced from $210
407113 Vane Anemometer airspeed to 89.4MPH (7880ft/min)  New - Priced from $400
407119 Thermo-Anemometer Heavy Duty, Hot Wire  New - Priced from $519
407123 Thermo-Anemometer Heavy Duty, Hot Wire  New - Priced from $439
451126 Vane Anemometer Datalogger Air Velocity, Temperature, RS-232  Used
45116 Impeller Assembly Replacement impeller for 45118, 2-Pack  New - Priced from $34
45118 Mini Thermo-Anemometer 0 to 122°F (-18 to 50°C)  New - Priced from $115
451181 Anemometer + Psychrometer Datalogging/Printing Anemometer  Used
45156 Impeller Assembly Replacement Impeller for 45158  New - Priced from $34
45160 Humidity, Temperature and Airflow Meter Temp., Air Velocity, RH, LCD  New - Priced from $170
45170 Hygro-Thermo-Anemometer-Light Meter 10 to 95%RH, -148°F to 2372°F, 80-5910 ft/min, 0 to  New - Priced from $200
AN100 Thermo-Anemometer 14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)  New - Priced from $170
AN200 Thermo-Anemometer 14 to 140˚F, IR: -4 to 500˚F  New - Priced from $220
AN300 CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer Air velocity, flow, temperature  New - Priced from $300
AN310 CFM/CMM Anemometer/Psychrometer Air velocity, flow, temperature, RH, Wet Bulb, Dew Point  New - Priced from $350
AN320 CFM/CMM Anemometer/Psychrometer plus CO2 Air velocity, flow, temperatur, RH, Wet Bulb, Dew Point, CO2  New - Priced from $599
AN340 CMM/CFM Anemometer/Psychrometer Datalogger Telescoping vane sensor, Stores 12,000 readings  New - Priced from $430
AN400 Thermo-Anemometer 0.9 to 35.0 m/s, 2.5 to 126.0 km/h, 32 to 122°F  New - Priced from $220
AN500 Hot Wire CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer Reads Air Velocity and Temperature on dual display  New - Priced from $699
EN100, EN150 11-Function Environmental Meters 11 environmental measurements  New - Priced from $300
EZ30 Thermo-Anemometer 5 air velocity units, °F or °C  Used
HD300 Thermo-Anemometer Non-contact, CFM/CMM, Air Velocity, IR  New - Priced from $270
HD350 Pitot Tube Anemometer + Differential Manometer 0.7252psi, 50.00mbar, 5000Pa  New - Priced from $410
SDL300 Thermo-Anemometer/Datalogger 32 to 158°F, 60 to 6900ft/min  New - Priced from $500
SDL310 Thermo-Anemometer/Datalogger 0.4 to 25m/s, 32 to 122°F  New - Priced from $400
SDL350 Thermo-Anemometer/Datalogger 0.2 to 25m/s, 32 to 122°F  New - Priced from $599
TMA-20HW Hot Wire Anemometer Triple display, 4 digit LCD  New - Priced from $275
TMA-21HW Hot Wire Anemometer Data-logging, Triple display, 4 digit LCD  New - Priced from $400
TMA10A Anemometer Thermometer Dual 4-digit (9999 count) LCD, RS-232, Flexible Vane  New - Priced from $250
TMA40-A Datalogging Anemometer FPM or CFM, RH, Temperature, RS-232  New - Priced from $350
TMA5 Mini-Vane Anemometer Wind Speed: 60 - 3937 FT/M, Mini-Vane  New - Priced from $140
 Anaheim Scientific
H400 Anemometer with Temperature 0.9 to 55.9mph, 0 to 50°C  New - Priced from $259
M110 Mini Light Meter Measures illumination, temperature, and air flow  New - Priced from $79
M130 Mini Anemometer Wind speed up to 55 mph  New - Priced from $84