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All Borescopes Products

BR100 Video Borescope 17mm camera diameter, 2.4" Color TFT LCD Monitor  New - Priced from $200
BR146 Flexible Borescope Shaft: 0.39" (10mm), Viewing Angle 40°  Used
BR150 Video Borescope/Inspection Camera 9mm, Waterproof, Color LCD Monitor  New - Priced from $250
BR200 Video Borescope 712 x 486 (NTSC), 17mm tip, 3.5" TFT  New - Priced from $300
BR200-EXT Extension Cable 38" (0.96m) Cable  New - Priced from $50
BR250 Video Borescope 712 x 486 (NTSC), 9.5 mm tip, 3.5" TFT  New - Priced from $350
BR300, BR350 Waterproof Borescope/Inspection Cameras BR300: 8mm probe; BR350: 5.5mm probe  New - Priced from $200
BR50 Video Borescope/CCTV 17mm diameter camera, 480 x 234 px. display  New - Priced from $190
BR70 Video Borescope Inspection Camera 50° viewing angle, 480 x 234 px. TTF Monitor  New - Priced from $130
BR80 Video Borescope 17 mm, 2.4" Color TFT LCD Monitor  New - Priced from $130
BRD10 Video Receiver NTSC, USB 2.0, 30 fps, Compatible with BR200/BR250  New - Priced from $130
HDV600, HDV610, HDV620 VideoScope Inspection Monitors 5.7" Color LCD TFT, 640 x 480 resolution  New - Priced from $1,699
HDV640, HDV640W HD VideoScopes 5.7" Color LCD TFT, 640 x 480, 320° articulating tip  New - Priced from $3,099
HDV650 Plumbing VideoScope Kits 25mm camera head, 10m or 30m snake  New - Priced from $2,999