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Tektronix TCPA300, TCPA400, TCP303, TCP305A, TCP312A, TCP404XL AC/DC Current Probe Measurement System

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  • AC/DC Measurement Capabilities
  • DC 100 MHz, Current Probe Amplifier (TCPA300) uses:
    • DC 100 MHz, 30 A DC (TCP312, TCP312A)
    • DC 50 MHz, 50 A DC (TCP305A)
    • DC 15 MHz, 150 A DC (TCP303)
  • DC 50 MHz, Current Probe Amplifier (TCPA400) Uses:
    • DC 2 MHz, 750*1 A DC (TCP404XL) (500 A DC Continuous)
  • Automatic Scaling and Units*2 Oscilloscope On-screen Readout of Magnitude and Amps reduces errors by eliminating hand calculations
  • AC/DC Input Coupling
  • Low Insertion Impedance reduces Device Under Test Loading
  • Split-core Construction allows Easy Circuit Connection
  • Status Indicators provide Visual Operating Status and Notification of Potential Error Conditions Degauss, Probe Open, Overload, Not Terminated into 50 Ω, Non-compatible Probe Type
  • Lower DC Drift and Noise allows Improved Low-level Current Measurements
  • Certified for bare wire voltages up to 150 V CAT II (TCP305A, TCP312A)