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Chroma 6530 AC Power Source

  • 3 kVA, 0 to 300 Vrms, 15 Hz to 2 kHz output
  • Delivers full power with up to 3:1 Crest Factor loads
  • Direct Digital Synthesis waveform generation
  • Programmable sine, square, or distorted sine waveform output
  • Programmable voltage, current limit, frequency, phase, and distortion
  • Power line disturbance simulation
  • Harmonic waveform library with 30 factory presets
  • User programmable sequential output waveforms
  • Powerful measurement of Vrms, Irms, Ipk, power, frequency, crest factor, power factor, inrush current, VA, VAR
  • Input power factor correction
  • Built-in output isolation relays
  • User-definable power-on state
  • Optional GPIB, RS-232C, analog programming, Centronics printer port