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Agilent Technologies - New Product Announcements and Promotions

TestEquity is an Authorized Agilent Distributor

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Agilent Technologies Reveals Name of Measurement Spin-Off Company
Keysight Technologies Reflects Ability to Unlock Measurement Insights for Engineers

Keysight Technologies Reflects Ability to Unlock Measurement Insights for Engineers

Agilent Technologies revealed the name of the electronic measurement company it expects to spin off in early November 2014 as Keysight Technologies. The name Keysight conveys the ability to see what others cannot, offering the critical or key insights to understand and unlock the changing technology landscape. The new company's tagline, "unlocking measurement insights for 75 years," commemorates the 1939 birth of the original Hewlett-Packard Company, from which Keysight originated.

Learn more about Keysight Technologies...

Agilent Automotive Applictions for Oscilloscopes

Agilent Automotive Applictions for Oscilloscopes
Agilent's InfiniiVision and Infiniium oscilloscopes
are a great fit in automotive applications.

The oscilloscope is the primary measurement tool used today to test and debug the physical layer of automotive serial buses, including CAN, LIN, FlexRay, BroadR-Reach, and MOST. Agilent offers a broad range of automotive serial bus applications in both the InfiniiVision and Infiniium oscilloscope families, including protocol decode/trigger, eye-diagram mask testing, and physical layer compliance test packages. Also available in Agilent's InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series and Infiniium oscilloscopes is CAN-dbc symbolic trigger and decoding.

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Agilent N6900 and N7900 High Power DC Supplies

Agilent N6900 and N7900 High Power DC Supplies
Agilent's fastest, most accurate, integrated power systems

The N6900 and N7900 Advanced Power Systems (APS) consist of 1 kW and 2 kW system DC power supplies that deliver a new level in power supply performance enabled by Agilent's exclusive VersaPower architecture.

  • 1 kw and 2 kW models (expandable to 10 kW)
  • Up to 160 V, up to 200 A
  • Test power storage devices with full two-quadrant operation
  • Protect high-value DUT with smart triggering

Learn more about Agilent's New N6900 and N7900 Series High Power DC Supplies...

Agilent N8900 Series Autoranging System Power Supplies

Agilent N8900 Series Autoranging System Power Supplies
Just the right amount of performance in 5 kW, 10 kW, and 15 kW units

The N8900 Series models are the only DC power supplies in this power range with autoranging, offering tremendous flexibility as well as space and cost savings for the system user needing basic higher power. You can easily parallel units to create one power supply with >100 kW of power.

  • 5, 10 and 15 kW power supplies
  • Up to 1500 V, up to 510 A
  • LAN (LXI Core), USB, GPIB and Analog all standard
  • Master/slave up to 4 units for 60 kW total output power

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Agilent 33600A Series Trueform Waveform Generators

Agilent 33600A Series Trueform Waveform Generators
Higher frequency signals, meet Trueform signal integrity.

Agilent’s 33600A Series of waveform generators with exclusive Trueform Technology offer more capability, fidelity and flexibility than previous generation DDS waveform generators. Four new upgradeable models are available at 80 and 120 MHz with 1- and 2-channels. The 33600A Series offers a full set of standard features and an optional baseband I-Q signal player.

  • 80 and 120 MHz, 1- and 2-channel models
  • 2-channnel coupling and synchronization
  • Trueform waveforms sequencing
  • PRBS serial patterns

Get 33600A Series info   |   Limited-time Promo: Get BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro Free with 33600A Series purchase. Get info.

Agilent BenchVue SoftwareAgilent BenchVue Software for the PC
This free software option from Agilent offers engineers and technicians involved in design and validation an easy and intuitive way to accelerate testing with no programming necessary. Multiple instrument measurement visibility and data capture improves the way users interact with their instruments and the entire bench. BenchVue provides easy viewing, capturing and exporting of data and screen shots. With BenchVue, it's as simple as: Click. Capture. Done.

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Agilent 34460A, 34461A True RMS Digital Multimeters with Truevolt technology

New - 34460A, 34461A True RMS Digital Multimeters with Truevolt
Measure with unquestioned Truevolt confidence

The next generation of bench/system DMMs
Agilent's new 34460A, 34461A Digital Multimeters with Truevolt offer several real advantages. They help engineers see their measurement data in new ways, get actionable information faster, and document their results more easily. Exclusive Truevolt technology reduces extraneous factors such as noise, injected current and input bias current for increased measurement confidence. Plus, Agilent 34461A is the industry's only 100% drop-in, SCPI compatible replacement for the Agilent 34401A DMM

 Learn more about Agilent’s Truevolt DMMs.

Agilent U3606B Multimeter / DC Power Supply

Agilent U3606B Multimeter / DC Power Supply
When convenience and performance are essential, the U3606B multimeter | DC power supply delivers

Agilent’s latest hybrid meter, the U3606B multimeter | power supply combines a 5.5-digit digital multimeter and a 30 W power supply in a single unit. It provides users the convenience of powering up their device-under-tests while measuring the parameters they want.

Replacing the U3606A, this uniquely designed U3606B is a two-in-one instrument is capable of powering up the device under test (DUT) while taking measurements simultaneously. Value added features such as over-voltage/ over-current protection, low resistance measurement, square wave output, ramp and scan functions offer convenience and versatility to meet your measurement needs.

More information...

Agilent 16850 Series Portable Logic Analyzers

Agilent 16850 Series Portable Logic Analyzers
The Industry’s Fastest Timing Capture with Deep Memory for Fast Digital System Debug

The Agilent 16850 Series portable logic analyzers< offer the highest performance, with deep, high speed timing and state measurements, combined with the applications and usability your digital development teams need to debug their modern systems ― and at a great price.

  • Four models with 34/68/102/136 channels
  • 2.5/5 GHz timing capture; 12.5 GHz w/Timing Zoom
  • Up to 128 M sample memory
  • Up to 1.4 GHz trigger sequencer

More information...

Agilent 1146B AC/DC Current Probe, N2818A, N2819A Differential Probes, N2797A Active Probe

New Oscilloscope Probes from Agilent

  • N2818A (200 MHz), N2819A (800 MHz) Differential Probes
    for high-speed power measurements, vehicle bus measurements and digital system designs.
  • N2797A Active Probe
    For extreme temperature environmental chamber testing at –40 to +85°C
  • 1146B AC/DC Current Probe
    Measures currents from 100 mA to 100 A rms, dc to 100 kHz, without breaking the circuit

Agilent FieldFox Handheld Analyzers radar pulse measurement option

Carry Precision with you.

New pulse measurement Software Option for FieldFox Handheld Analyzers

Opt 330: support of U202x peak power sensor to characterize pulse profiling, like rise, fall and width etc..

  • Pulse measurement
  • User preset, eCal support
  • Economical waveguide cal kit introduction
  • 26GHz hand held broadband directional antenna intro

See Agilent's RF / Microwave Combination Analyzers, RF and Microwave Vector Network Analyzers, and Microwave Spectrum Network Analyzers product listings, application notes and flyers.

Agilent New Product Announcements

Agilent Promotions and Special Offers

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Upgrade to your Ultimate Scope - Agilent promotion

Upgrade to your Agilent InfiniiVision Scope with the X-Series Application Bundle

Enable ALL software applications on InfiniiVision X-Series scopes for the price of one option!
Through September 30, 2014, you can turn on all software applications on an Agilent InfiniiVision X-Series oscilloscope for the price of a single option! Just purchase a single promotional product license, and have all software applications enabled instantly. This is available to both existing Agilent InfiniiVision X-Series oscilloscope owners as well as new scope purchasers.

Get more info on upgrading your Agilent InfiniiVision X-Series oscilloscope >>


Get the lowest cost of ownership on RF instruments with a FREE 5-year warranty

FREE 5-Year Warranty with Agilent RF Instruments

Through August 31, 2014, when you purchase an eligible Agilent RF instrument its warranty will be upgraded from Three to Five years for Free — up to $750.00 Value!

More information...

Buy a B2900 Series and Receive a Free U1273A Handheld OLED DMM.B2900A Series Handheld DMM Giveaway

Get a Free OLED DMM with B2900 Series purchase.

Through April 30, 2014, you can get a U1273A OLED handheld DMM from Agilent at no additional cost when you order any B2900A series power source — A $400 value!

More information...

Free Agilent BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro

Free BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro

Through August 31, 2014, when you buy a New 33600A Series Trueform Waveform Generator you'll get
BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro for Free!

Get more info >>

Agilent N9310A: Free N9310A-001 with purchase

Free Analog I/Q Input Capability with Agilent N9310A RF Signal Generator

Through June 30, 2014, when you purchase an Agilent N9310A RF signal generator you can receive the
analog I/Q input capability (N9310A-001) to test your device's high-level functions for FREE.

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Agilent Measurement Applications — Get 20%, 30% or 40% Off!

Save Up to 40% on Agilent Measurement Applications

Through October 31, 2014, you can purchase two or more measurement applications and receive a discount:
buy 2 and save 20%, buy 3 and save 30% and buy 4 or more and save 40%.

Eligible applications are associated with DSO/MSO9000A and DSO9000H oscilloscopes, N8900A InfiniiView Oscilloscope Analysis Software, W6141A EMI Measurement Application, B4610A Offline Viewing Software, and N9000A/AEP CXA Series Signal Analyzer.

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