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B&K Precision

B&K Precision New Product Announcements

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2510 Series Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

B&K Precision announces the launch of the new 2510 Series Handheld Digital
Storage Oscilloscopes
and the new CP62 Oscilloscope Current Clamp Probe.

The new B&K Precision 2510 Series 60 MHz and 100 MHz handheld digital oscilloscopes combine the
high performance of a bench oscilloscope and the rugged portability of a DMM. B&K also introduces the

CP62 Oscilloscope Current Clamp Probe
The CP62 current probe is designed to enable quick and easy current measurements without breaking the circuit under test.
The probe can be used together with an oscilloscope for displaying AC and DC current signals up to 100 A P eak (70 A RMS).

Learn about B&K 2510 Series: 2511, 2512, 2515, 2516 Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
and CP62 Oscilloscope Current Clamp Probe.

B&K Precision introduces 9115 to its 1U form factor, high density power supplies

The new 9115 Multi-Range DC Power Supply delivers up to 1200 W of clean, reliable power in any Volt/Amp combination within the rated voltage (80 V) and current (60 A) limits. This DC power solution is packed with features including a high resolution display (1 mV/1 mA), a front panel numerical keypad for direct data entry, master/slave mode for series/parallel connectivity, adjustable voltage rise and fall times, sequence programming (list mode), analog interface, remote sense, and standard USB (USBTMC-compliant), RS-232, GPIB, and RS-485 interfaces supporting SCPI commands.

More information...

B&K Precision pwrApp: Wireless Control for XLN-GL DC Power Supplies

Now you can combine the built-in WLAN capabilities of B&K's XLN-GL power supplies with their free pwrApp for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to fully monitor and control one or more XLN-GL power sources via your local WiFi network. The app supports all XLN-GL power supply functions, plus additional monitoring functions and a simulation mode. Additional features of the App include live visual monitoring and interactive power supply control, visual data graphing and audible trigger alarms within the app.

The B&K pwrApp is currently supported by the XLN series high-current power supplies: XLN3640-GL, XLN6024-GL, XLN8018-GL, XLN10014-GL. The B&K pwrApp will soon be supported by the XLN series high-voltage power supplies: XLN15010-GL, XLN30052-GL, XLN60026-GL.

B&K Precision 9170, 9180 Series Dual-Range DC Power Supplies

B&K Precision 9170 & 9180 Series Dual-Range DC Power Supplies
Outstanding Performance Combined with Unique Features

The B&K Precision 9170/9180 series programmable DC power supplies offer industry leading performance, designed to meet the most demanding applications in R&D, design verification, and production test.

The series contains nine models delivering clean, stable and precise output power (up to 210W) that feature a full numerical keypad for convenient data entry, LED test modes, 2 modular interface card slots, automatic range selection and an optional 8-bit bidirectional digital I/O interface; all of which are features normally not included on power sources in this range.

See the 9170 & 9180 Series DC Power Supplies
Nine Models; Single and dual outputs, to 210 W
9171 9172 9173 9174
100 W, 1-Ch. 105 W, 1-Ch. 200 W, 2-Ch 210 W, 2-Ch.
  9181 9182 9183 9184 9185
144 W, 1-Ch 200 W, 1-Ch 210 W, 1-Ch 200 W, 1-Ch 210 W, 1-Ch

B&K Precision MDL DC Electronic Load SeriesB&K Precision MDL DC Electronic Load Series

The new B&K Precision MDL Series is a multi-channel modular programmable electronic load system consisting of a four-slot mainframe, four-slot mainfrome extension, and six different modules of programmable DC loads ranging in power from 200 W to 600 W. This new MDL Series provides users the flexibility to test a wide range of power sources from multi-output AC/DC power supplies to batteries, fuel cells, and photovoltaic arrays.

More info: MDL001 Mainframe, MDL002 Mainframe Extension, and MDL200, MDL252, MDL305, MDL400, MDL505, MDL600 Electronic Load Modules.

B&K Precision 2550 Series 2 GSa/s Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

B&K Precision 2500 Series 2 GSa/s Digital Storage OscilloscopesB&K Precision continues its tradition of quality, performance, and best-inclass affordability with their new 2550 Series digital storage oscilloscopes. Ranging in bandwidth from 70 MHz to 300 MHz in 2-channel and 4-channel configurations, the new DSO series delivers high performance and value with prices starting at only $1,015. Standard features include 2 GSa/s sample rates, 24 kpts/Ch waveform memory, 32 automatic measurements, advanced triggering capabilities, math functions, and PC connectivity via LAN and USB.

See the new: 2552 2553 2554 2555 2556 2557 2558 2559
70 MHz, 2-Ch. 70 MHz, 4-Ch. 100 MHz, 2-Ch. 100 MHz, 4-Ch. 200 MHz, 2-Ch 200 MHz, 4-Ch. 300 MHz, 2-Ch. 300 MHz, 4-Ch.

B&K Precision Test Bench Series  Handheld Digital Multimeters




B&K Precision Test Bench® Series Handheld Digital Multimeters

High performance and value priced, the B&K Precision Test Bench® Series offers more features for the dollar than other multimeters. In addition to measuring voltage and current, the meters also measure capacitance, frequency and temperature, and include component test, diode test and logic indicator capabilities. A double injection molded case provides improved grip and protection for the meters.

Test Bench® Series DMMs 393 392 391 390A 389A 388B

B&K Precision New Product Announcements

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