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GW Instek New Product Announcements

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Instek GOM-804, GOM-805 DC Milliohm MetersGOM-804, GOM-805 DC Milliohm Meters

4:1 Auto-ranging Programmable Power Supply

NEW - GW Instek's GOM-804 and GOM-805 milliohm meters feature a 50,000 count 3.5" TFT LCD rapid 60 readings/sec, and 0.05% measurement accuracy. The GOM-805 includes various drive modes and Dry circuit test. 20 sets of panel memory and external control interfaces.

More info: GOM-804  |  GOM-805

Instek PSB-1000B Series Programmable DC Power SupplyPSB-1000B Series Programmable DC Power Supplies

4:1 Auto-ranging Programmable Power Supply

NEW - The four models in the PSB-1000B Series have two power ranges of 400 W and 800 W; and come in 40 VDC and 160 VDC. Configurable parallel, DC voltages can reach 320 V and DC currents can reach 320 A. The PSB-1000B series has been designed for users in laboratory and R&D environments. Output power is accessed by either front banana jacks or rear bus bars.

More info: PSB-1400L, PSB-1400M, PSB1800L, PSB1800M

Instek LCR-6000 Series LCR MetersLCR-6000 Series LCR Meters

Rich functionalities with the compact size

NEW - high precision LCR meter series – LCR-6000. Consisting of 5 models and has a test frequency range that extends to 300 kHz and with a basic accuracy of 0.05%. These five models use the popular 3.5” color LCD and displays both settings and results simultaneously.

More info: LCR-6002, LCR-6020, LCR-6100, LCR-6200, LCR-6300

Instek GCT-9040 Ground Bond TesterGCT-9040 Ground Bond Tester

AC 40 A Ground Bond Tester

The GCT-9040 is a standalone AC Ground Bond Tester rated to 40 Amps. Its unique feature is its ability to connect to a GPT-9xxx series.

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Instek GSB-001, GSB-002 Multiplex Scanner BoxesGSB-001, GSB-002 Multiplex Scanner Boxes

Dedicated options for Instek's GPT-9800/9900A Series Electrical Safety Testers

The GSB-01 and GSB-02 multiplex scanner boxes are dedicated options for GPT-9800/9900A Series. The GSB-01 has connections for ACW, DCW and IR testing, while the GSB-02 also includes support for GB testing.

More info >>

Instek GDS-1000B Series Digital Storage OscilloscopesGDS-1000B Series Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

Diversified Selections at Entry-Level Prices

GW Instek's GDS-1000B series features three bandwidth selections to 100 MHz with four or two analog input channels. Innovative design, compact appearance, and abundant functionalities together forge this easy-to-operate oscilloscope a very powerful test and measurement instrument.

GDS-1000B Oscilloscopes: GDS-1054B, GDS-1072B, GDS-1074B, GDS-1102B, GDS-1104B

Instek APS-7050, APS-7100, APS-7000 Series AC Power SourceAPS-7000 Series AC Power Source

500/1000 VA Programmable AC Power Sources

GW Instek's APS-7050 and APS-7100 AC Power Sources contain abundant features for testing and analyzing power supplies, electronic devices, components and modules. The APS-7000 power sources are fully- programmable, allowing them to simulate different power outputs.

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Instek APS-7050E, APS-7100E, APS-7000E Series AC Power SourceAPS-7000E Series AC Power Source

The economy version of Instek's APS-7000 programmable AC power source

The APS-7000E models have a height of 2U. The maximum rated output for APS-7050E is 500VA, 310Vrms, 4.2Arms and APS-7100E is 1000VA, 310Vrms, 8.4Arms. The APS-7000E eries is ideal for testing and developing DC power supply devices, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and electronic components.

Learn more...

Instek GDS-2000E Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope

GDS-2000E Series:

GDS-2000E Series Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

Fast Retrieval, Precision Measurement

GW Instek's GDS-2000E Digital Oscilloscopes feature bandwidth selections of 200 MHz, 100 MH, and 70 MHz. The two-channel models provide 1GSa/s real-time sampling rate for each channel; while the four-channel models provide 1GSa/s maximum real-time sampling rate. All models are equipped with waveform update rate of 120,000 wfm/s. Additionally, they share many rich functionalities with the GDS-2000A series — including Zoom Window, Play/Pause, 36 automatic measurements with statistics mode, remote software and digital voltage meter.

GDS-2072E GDS-2074E GDS-2102E GDS-2104E GDS-2202E GDS-2204E
70 MHz, 2-ch 70 MHz, 4-ch 100 MHz, 2-ch 100 MHz, 4-ch 200 MHz, 2-ch 200 MHz, 4-ch

Limited-time offer: 20% Off when purchasing ten or more units.

Instek New Product Announcements

Instek Promotions and Special Offers

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GDS-200 Promo

GDS-200 Series Portable Oscilloscopes Promo

Save up to $700 on Instek's GDS-207, GDS-210 and GDS-220 Portable Digital Oscilloscopes.

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