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Hioki New Product Announcements

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Hioki DM7275, DM7276 Precision DC Voltmeters

DM7275, DM7276 Precision DC Voltmeters

Outstanding Long-term Stability and Temperature Characteristics for testing Lithium-ion Batteries

The DM7275 and DM7276 deliver high measurement accuracy of 20 ppm and 9 ppm respectively. Furthermore, contact check, binning, and other functions make the instruments ideally suited for use in developing and evaluating lithium-ion batteries.

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Hioki Multi-Channel Wireless Data Loggers

LR8512, LR8513, LR8514, LR8515, LR8520 Multi-Channel Wireless Data Loggers

Wireless multi-channel data loggers measuring pulse, logic signal and AC/DC current

With these 2-channel loggers you can record a variety of data types, including voltage, temperature, humidity, fungal index, pulse integration, and current in real time as part of a single time-series.

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Hioki PW6001 Power Analyzer

PW6001 Power Analyzer

Measure Even Silicon Carbide (SiC) High-Efficiency Inverters with World-Class Accuracy

The ability to measure energy conversion efficiency with increasingly greater precision and accuracy is in high demand as the use of electric vehicles, solar power equipment, and other types of energy-efficient devices continue to grow. Hioki's PW6001 Power Analyzer is engineered to meet those requirements with remarkable accuracy, a broad range of measurement frequencies and high measurement stability.

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FT6380, FT6381 Earth Ground Clamp Meters

Hioki Adds New Component Measuring Instruments

New Resistance Meters RM3544, RM3545, and RM3548: Ideal for Component and Equipment Testing in Production Lines and MRO

Manufacturing Coils and inductors for solar power systems and electric vehicles' inverters calls for measuring DC resistance during the production process. The HIOKI RM3544 Series and RM3548 Resistance Meters meet this need in different applications.

The RM3544/RM3544-01 is well suited to use for adjustment and testing on production lines as well as acceptance inspections, while the RM3548 comprises a portable solution for measuring resistance values ranging in magnitude from microohms to megohms, making it ideal for use in production, maintenance, repair and operation of large equipment.

The RM3545 can perform resistance measurement with a 6.5-digit, 1,200,000-count display at a maximum resolution of 0.01 μΩ. It delivers more than enough capabilities to be used in applications requiring high-resolution resistance measurement, for example in testing inverter motor windings.

High-resistance materials such as conductive sheets and conductive rubber are often used in electronic components. The RM3545 can measure resistance values of up to 1,200 MΩ. It also delivers maximum accuracy of 0.006%, enabling researchers to test state-of-the-art current sensing resistors.

More info: RM3544, RM3544-01, RM3545, and RM3548 Resistance Meters

FT6380, FT6381 Earth Ground Clamp Meters

FT6380 & FT6381 Earth Ground Clamp Meters

The new Hioki FT6380 and FT6381 Earth Ground Clamp Meters have a low-profile sensor that's just 20 mm wide—allowing measurement of ground wires installed in cramped spaces.

• 0.02Ω to 1600Ω Measurement range
• Compact Sensor (50% Smaller)
• Bluetooth® wireless technology ( FT6381)

Visit the FT6380, FT6381 Earth Ground Clamp Meters product page.

Hioki LR8410-20 Wireless Logging Station

LR8410-20 Wireless Logging Station
Multi-channel wireless logger with Bluetooth® technology

HIOKI’s new LR8410-20 Wireless Logging Station captures data from remotely installed logging modules wirelessly. Two types of logging modules provide measurement and recording capabilities for voltage, temperature, resistance, and humidity data.

• Log voltage, temperature, resistance, and humidity data
• Gathers data from up to seven measurement units
• Can record data in real-time to a connected computer

More information...

Hioki  PW3335, PW3336, PW3337 Power Meters

PW3335, PW3336, PW3337 Power Meters
Accurately measure devices up to 1,000 V/65 A AC/DC with direct input

The Hioki PW3335, PW3336 and PW3337 single- and three-phase power meters offer the fine precision, direct input functionality and large current sensing capabilities required to increase efficiency and minimize power consumption, especially in areas of motor, inverter and power conditioner evaluations.

• PW3335: measures DC, and Single-phase 2-wire (1P2W) with 2-channels input
• PW3336: measures DC, and single-phase 2-wire to 3-phase 3-wire with 2-channels input
• PW3337: measures DC, and single-phase 2-wire to 3-phase 4-wire with 3-channels input

Hioki DT4200 Digital Multimeter Series

DT4200 Multimeter Series: DMMs For Every Application

HIOKI’s nine new handheld digital multimeters take Professional Testing to a Higher Level with Super Fast Response Rates and Safety Features.

  • High-End Models: DT4281 / DT4282
    High accuracy, function enhancements, broad range of measurement items
  • Standard Models: DT4251 / DT4252 / DT4253
    3 models according to your measurement situation
  • Pocket Models: DT4221 / DT4222
    Quick, simple and safe testing in a palm-sized unit
  • Budget-priced models: DT4211 / DT4212
    CATIII 600V and CATII 1000 V, TRMS and temp. (DT412)

Hioki FT3700-20, FT3701-20 InfraRed Thermometers

Hioki FT3700-20, FT3701-20 InfraRed Thermometers
Easily measure temperature in hazardous or unreachable locations.

Hioki has introduced two new Infrared Thermometers that provide non-contact temperature measurement with one-touch simplicity.

  • FT3700-20: -60.0°C to 550.0°C  Wide view
  • FT3701-20: -60.0°C to 760.0°C  Narrow view

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RM3543, RM3543-01 Resistance MetersRM3543, RM3543-01 Resistance Meters

The RM3543 and RM3543-01 Resistance Meters can measure DC resistance such as a low shunt resistance with high speed and high accuracy using the DC four-terminal method.

• ±0.16% accuracy & 0.01μΩ resolution
• GPIB interface (RM3543-01)
• 10 mΩ Resistance Range

Visit the RM3543, RM3543-01 Resistance Meters product page.

ST5520, ST5520-01 Insulation Resistance TestersST5520, ST5520-01 Insulation Resistance Testers

Testing is complete in as little as 50 ms
The ST5520 and ST5520-01 are the fastest insulation testers in the industry, delivering pass/fail assessment as quickly as 50 ms. and 25 to 1000 V test voltage with 1 V resolution.

• Rapidly assess in as fast as 50 ms
• Quick discharge of residual voltage
• Additional features such as "Contact Check" and "Short-circuit Check"

VLearn more about Hioki's ST5520, ST5520-01 fast Insulation Testers.

Hioki FT3470-51, FT3470-52 Magnetic Field TestersFT3470-51, FT3470-52 Magnetic Field Testers
A one-stop solution for magnetic field measurement

• Measurement of environmental magnetic fields
• Measurement of magnetic fi elds in the vicinity of electrical power equipment
• Compliance testing of household appliances and electric vehicles

More information...

Hioki IM3570 LCR TesterIM3570 LCR Tester

Hioki's new IM3570 Impedance Analyzer is an LCR meter and an impedance analyzer capable of measurement frequencies of 4 Hz to 5 MHz and test signal levels of 5 mV to 5 V — combined into one measuring instrument.

More information...

IM3523, IM3533 and IM3533-01 LCR MetersIM3523, IM3533 and IM3533-01 LCR Meters

Hioki's new IM3523, IM3533 and IM3533-01 are cost-effective LCR testers that provides high-performance and improved functionality; such as a wide-measurement of frequency range and high-speed measurement; and have a wide-range of applications — from production lines to research and development.

Learn more about Hioki's IM3523, IM3533, IM3533-01 LCR Meters.

Hioki 3390-10 Power Analyzer3390-10 Power Analyzer
Maximizing the Efficiency of Energy Conversion

Highly precise and accurate large current measurements are now within reach. The new 3390-10 delivers unsurpassed top-of-the-class 0.1% accuracy to aid in accomplishing maximum efficiency in all of your devices.

More information...

Hioki SM7810 Super Megohm Meter and Hioki SM7860 Power SourceSM7810 Super Megohm Meter
SM7860 Power Source
Providing Maximum Throughput for MLCC Testing

Combining the SM7810 Super Megohm Meter and the SM7860 Power Source enables building a test system ideal for integration into automated equipment. The power source unit can be selected depending on the maximum applied voltage and functionality to suit various types of test line, including the charge-and-discharge test line.

Get more information on Hioki's SM7810 Super Megohm Meter and SM7860 Power Source.

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