Anritsu C-Band and 5G

Mastering 5G and the C-Band with Anritsu

The race to make the next giant leap in wireless communication depends on sliver of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum called the C-Band. Mastering the C-Band will drive the future of wireless communication.

What is the C-Band? 

Within the RF spectrum, the C-Band is the range from 4 to 8 GHz. The U.S. reserves different blocks of the RF spectrum for different purposes, with the C-Band largely reserved for communication, navigation, astronomy, and more. Some blocks are reserved for the general public—the airwaves are considered public property—but private operators can buy exclusive rights to a block of the RF spectrum at government auction—when they are available.

5G and C-Band: Stronger signals. Wider coverage.

5G operators spend billions on blocks of frequencies near the low end of the C-Band. Why? These frequencies allow higher effective radiated power (EIRP), which 5G antenna designs use to cover a wide footprint with increased signal capacity. That means a larger, faster, more reliable high-speed wireless network with fewer base stations.

Mastering the C-Band with Anritsu

Keysight Oscilloscope Probes

Site Master

Anritsu’s Site Master series of compact cable and antenna analyzers as well as Spectrum and Interference analyzers are preferred for their go-anywhere handheld convenience.

5G Applications: Line Sweeping

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Field Master Pro

The Anritsu Field Master Pro is a high-performance handheld RF spectrum analyzer. Continuous frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 9/14/20/26.5/32/43.5/54 GHz helps to meet the unique needs of 5G technologies.

5G Applications: mmWave frequencies, Active antenna systems, Beamforming

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Network Master

The all-in-one, battery-powered design of Anritsu’s Network Master supports 5G base-station interface eCPRI/RoE throughput and delay measurements

5G Applications: 5G PTP, Ethernet & Transport

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The ACCESS Master is a compact handheld all-in-one tester for performing optical pulse tests, optical loss/power measurements, and optical fiber end-face inspections. It is the preferred tool for installation and maintenance of trunk fibers and troubleshooting Access networks.

5G Applications: Optical OTDR

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