Lab Management & Control Solution for Educators
"Providing efficient & centralized lab control for educators"

Lab Management & Teaching Measurements, Simplified.

The Keysight BV9111EDU BenchVue Lab Management and Control Solution consists of the Keysight BV011xEDU BenchVue Lab apps and the BV9101EDU BenchVue education control collection.

BenchVue Lab is designed as a LAN-based lab management solution, providing centralized instrument configuration, lab overview and asset tracking for educators managing teaching labs.

Together, the BenchVue Lab Management and Control Solution serves as a powerful teaching tool for instructional laboratories enabling easy control, data capture, logging, monitoring and report generation for students working at a test bench.

The BV9111EDU control collection includes BenchVue instrument control, automation & analysis apps.

Hands-on learning using real, industry-standard bench instruments is one of the most valuable experiences universities and teaching institutes can offer students, ensuring that the next generation of engineers get practical knowledge using the same industry-grade equipment that they would use when they graduate.

With dozens of test benches, each equipped with multiple instruments, educators managing an engineering lab must spend significant amounts of time manually setting up test benches, configuring and updating the firmware for the instruments, and tracking the lab’s assets for calibration and repair.

Key Features:

  • Lab & Bench configuration include non-Keysight instruments
  • Asset tracking & Management with calibration/loan reminder email
  • Multiple Instruments Control, Data Log and Analysis & Automation
  • Students can run BenchVue on each bench and easily export screen images and trace data to Word, Excel, MATLAB or CSV file and access the data from their PCs or mobile devices.


  • Easy to setup and configure wide range of instruments based on actual lab and bench layout
  • Improved lab instrument management by tracking the assets, and their calibration/loaner period status with e-mail notification
  • Easy data log and print screen capability, visualize and automate multiple instruments simultaneously

Different components of the BV9111EDU in a typical lab setup

Streamline & simplify lab management while enhancing students' learning experience

- BenchVue Lab provides overview connection statuses of all instruments via a customizable home screen with widget control, and allows administrators to configure the measurement settings of all instruments at once, all from a single admin PC.

- Full desktop and application sharing allows for easy remote monitoring and student assistance in the test lab. And with the BenchVue Lab Client App installed at each test bench computer, students can easily control instruments, log data and screen shots, and automatically join lab sessions.

The Bundle Includes:

  • One BV0110EDU BenchVue Lab Manager App license (transportable perpetual license)
  • 50 BV0111EDU BenchVue Lab Client App licenses (network perpetual license)
  • 50 BV9101EDU BenchVue Education Control Collection network licenses
  • And unlimited one-year student licenses, allowing students to access the BenchVue Education Control Collection apps on their personal devices
  • The BenchVue Education Control Collection is a perpetual license (provides unrestricted use with no expiration)
  • One-year support plan for updates and software support