Introducing the New 169XB Series Programmable DC Switching Power Supplies 

B&K Precision’s models 1696, 1697, and 1698DC switching mode programmable power supplies offer 200 watts of power. This series is of laboratory grade, switching mode, and programmable power supplies are ideal for repetitive test routines in R&D, production, product evaluationand various applications.

Information appearing on the large black-lit LCD makes the panel controls more simple and easy ot use in spite of its sophisticated features. Because of the MCU (multi-controller unit) and the related software, user re-calibration without opening the case is an added bonus. When used with a standard PC, the supplied user friendly software and built in RS-232 interface provides two way communication improving the functionality of these units.

Data logging with color graphic display in adjusting range voltage, current, watts, and time periods are all valuable tools in data analysis. 

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All Models in the 169XB Series:
Model Voltage Current
1696B 1 - 40 V 0 - 5 A
1697B 1 - 20 V 0 - 10 A
1698B 1 - 60 V 0 - 3.3 A

169XB Series Model Attributes: