Keysight E4915A Crystal Impedance Meter

13773.1 MFG #: E4915A
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  • Manufacturer: Keysight
  • Condition: Used
  • Manufacturer Part #: E4915A
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Product Features

    Test Frequency: 1 MHz to 180 MHz Accuracy: ±2 ppm Fr/CI Accuracy: Fr: ±2 ppm, CI: ±5% Fr/CI Meas.Time: 125 ms to 10 sec Output Power: -5 dBm Wattage @DUT (25 Ω) with PI-net. T/F: about 5 µW Select 2 or 6 parameters from 9 crystal parameters (Fr, CI, FL, C1, R1, L1, Co, Q, and Ts) Get the best data with ±2 ppm, 5% basic accuracy of Fr and CI measurements. Maximize testing with rapid, 125 msec/DUT measurements. Minimize user intervention with the comparator function. Automate with the built-in handler interface.The E4915A Crystal Impedance Meter provides exceptional crystal impedance measurement capability by using a PI-network method to satisfy your performance needs from 1 MHz to 180 MHz. The E4915A is an economical solution for production testing of crystal resonators.