Hioki LR8431-20 Data Logger (Memory HiLOGGER)

22394.1 MFG #: LR8431-20
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  • Manufacturer: Hioki
  • Condition: New
  • Manufacturer Part #: LR8431-20
  • Meta Description: 10 CH Voltage &Temperature, 4 CH Pulse Counting. Authorized Hioki Distributor.
  • TestEquity Part #: 22394.1

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Product Features

    Ten isolated analog input channels Record measurement data on a USB drive ro Compact Flash cards Replace storage media during real-time recording Improved thermocouple measurement and reference junction compensation accuracies 10 ms sampling and recording across all channels Noise-resistant measurement circuitry for improved readings Ultra-compact for convenient portability Widescreen, bright LCD gives excellent viewability Replaces Hioki 8430-20

    Ten Isolated Analog Input Channels
    There's no need to worry about differing potentials of measurement objects when measuring temperature and voltage. All ten analog channels are isolated. Even when measuring temperature and voltage at the same time, interchannel interference and electric shock hazards are eliminated. The four pulse channels are ideal for counting revolution pulses to measure rotation speed.

    High-Speed Sampling
    Abrupt changes in load need to be measured during development of EV • HV • PHV, for which multi-channel, 10 ms sampling is essential. The LR8431-20 can track waveforms that could not be followed with the 100 ms sampling interval previously available.

    Enhanced Noise Suppression
    The LR8431-20 employs noise-resistant measurement circuitry for improved readings. Measurement involves the deployment of a deltasigma type A/D converter. Suppress inverter switching noise and line-frequency hum by digital filtering with the LR8431-20's proprietary oversampling technology.

    Includes: measurement guide, Z1005 AC adapter, USB cable, and instruction manual, data collection software Logger Utility) CD.

    Hioki9780Battery Pack NiMH, For 8870-20
    Hioki9830CompactFlash Card, 2 GB Supplied with PC Card adapter
    Hioki9729CompactFlash Card, 1 GB Supplied with PC Card adapter
    Hioki9641Pulse Connection Cable For pulse inputs, 1.5m (4.92ft) length
    Hioki9809LCD Protector LCD Protector Sheet
    Hioki9812Soft Carrying Case Includes space for small items, neoprene rubber
    Hioki9782Hard Carrying Case Includes compartment for options, resin coated
    Hioki9334Logger Communicator DISCONTINUED. Recommended replacement: free software download: LR5000 Utility Program.
    Hioki9728CompactFlash Card, 512 MB Supplied with PC Card adapter
    HiokiZ1005 (Replaces 9786)AC Adapter For 8870-20, LR8431-20