Keysight 8114A High Power Pulse Generator

14670.3 MFG #: 8114A
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  • Manufacturer: Keysight
  • Condition: Used
  • Family Models: 8114A 001
  • Discontinued: Yes
  • Manufacturer Part #: 8114A
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Product Features

    100 V, 2 A pulses into 50 ohms 7 ns transitions (50 ohms into 50 ohms) Counted burst and external width Inhibit Input GPIB, SCPI programming commandsThe Keysight 8114A programmable pulse generator delivers fast-transition 100 V pulses into 50 ohm loads at rates of up to 15 MHz. In addition to simulating transients and glitches, it is well-equipped to characterize and test devices requiring high voltage or current pulses, such as flash memories, power MOS devices, IR/laser diodes and radar devices.

    Keysight1CM003ARackmount Flange Kit (5062-3977) 132.6mm H (3U) - two flange brackets. Direct replacement for 5062-3977. Includes 2 flanges, metric fasteners, mounting screws.
    Keysight1CN007AHandle Kit (5063-9227) 132.6mm H (3U) - two front handles. Direct replacement for 5063-9227. Includes 2 handles, 2 trim strips, metric fasteners.