Keysight 1660ES Logic Analyzer

14355.3 MFG #: 1660ES
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  • Manufacturer: Keysight
  • Condition: Used
  • Family Models: 1660 Series
  • Manufacturer Part #: 1660ES
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  • TestEquity Part #: 14355.3

  • Description

Product Features

    These logic analyzers come in sizes from 34 to 126 channels and are capable of state and timing analysis. 100 MHz speed in state mode, with 2 state clocks/qualifiers. 4K state memory per channel, 8K in half channel modes. Conventional Timing: 250 MHz all channels, 500 MHz, half channels. Transitional Timing: 125 MHz all channels, 250 MHz, half channels. Glitch Timing: 125 MHz half channels. RS-232 and HP-IB interfaces are standard.

    Discontinued Product.

    This series has a color flat-panel display and includes a built-in DSO.