Keysight 1141A Differential Probe

11413.1 MFG #: 1141A
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  • Manufacturer: Keysight
  • Condition: Used
  • Discontinued: Yes
  • Manufacturer Part #: 1141A
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  • TestEquity Part #: 11413.1

  • Description

Product Features

    50 dB dynamic range (maximum) over -70 to +44 dBm Frequency range from 100 kHz to 110 GHz (sensor dependent) Accurate average power measurements Range of thermocouple and diode power sensors

    DISCONTINUED - Recommended Replacements

    Keysight N2792A Differential Probe
    200 MHz, ±20V differential, ±60V common mode
    Keysight N2818A, N2819A Differential Probes
    200 MHz & 800 MHz, 10:1

    The Keysight 1141A is a 1X FET differential probe with 200 MHz bandwidth and 3000:1 CMRR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio) at 1 MHz. The probe has an input resistance of 1 Megohm and low input capacitance of 7 pF, to minimize circuit loading.

    The Keysight 1141A 200 MHz Differential Probe must be used with the Keysight 1142A Probe Control and Power Module. It can be connected to any instrument with 50 Ω inputs. An external 50 Ω termination can also be used with high impedance inputs.