Keysight 53220A Universal Frequency Counter/Timer

18269.2 MFG #: 53220A
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  • Manufacturer: Keysight
  • Condition: New
  • Manufacturer Part #: 53220A
  • Meta Description: Keysight 53220A Universal Frequency Counter/Timer. Authorized Distributor.
  • Meta Keywords: 53220A Universal Frequency Counter/Timer
  • TestEquity Part #: 18269.2

  • Description

Product Features

    • 350 MHz baseband frequency
    • OPTIONAL: 6 or 15 GHz microwave channels
    • Up to 12 digits/sec
    • 100 ps single-shot time resolution
    • Up to 75,000 and 90,000 readings/sec (frequency and time interval)
    • Frequency, period, frequency ratio, max/min/peak-to-peak input voltage, time interval, single period, pulse width, rise/fall time, duty cycle, phase, totalize
    • Datalog trend plot
    • Cumulative histogram
    • Built-in math analysis and statistics
    • 1M reading memory and USB Flash storage
    • LXI-C/Ethernet LAN, USB, GPIB
    • Optional battery for portability and timebase accuracy

    You need to make accurate time and frequency measurements and you need to do it fast. Next-generation Keysight 53200 Series counters provide the performance you need, along with important extras that may surprise you. You get more than higher performance. You get insight. What makes the 53200 Series counters better than anything you've used before? Here are a few of the improvements and new capabilities:

    • More frequency: 350 MHz baseband frequency, OPTIONAL 6- or 15-GHz microwave channels
    • More resolution: Up to 12 digits/sec and 100-ps single-shot time interval
    • More information accessibility: 1M reading memory, up to 75,000 frequency readings/sec, strip chart/trend plot, cumulative histograms
    • More connectivity: First LXI-compliant counters (LXI/Ethernet, USB, and GPIB connectivity)
    • More measurement capability: Basic modulation domain/time stamp and optional pulse/burst microwave measurements

    Get all this capability along with full compatibility with the previous generation of 531xxA counters.

    Includes documentation on CD, Keysight IO Library, power cord, USB cable, calibration certificate. Three-year warranty.