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Product Features

    • 2.5 GHz bandwidth across all 4 analog channels
    • 4 ch x 10 GS/s or 2 ch x 20 GS/s
    • Flexibility to upgrade to an MSO at any time
    • Standard 20 Mpts memory per channel, upgradeable to 1 Gpts
    • 15" Color XGA TFT-LCD with touch-screen
    • LAN (LXI Class C) connectivity
    • Front panel USB for storage devices and peripherals
    • Wide range of debug and compliance application software
    • Built-in information system with task-oriented setup guide
    Keysight BenchVue Software
    • Windows 7 Embedded
    • Three-year warranty

    The Infiniium DSO9254A, equipped with a 15" XGA display, comes in a package that is just 9" (23 cm) deep and weighs only 26 (11.8 kg) pounds — preserving your limited bench space. This scope is engineered to give you the broadest measurement capability available to meet your needs both today and in the future. Add 16 integrated digital channels with the MSO9064A. Take advantage of optional integrated protocol viewers to quickly isolate physical layer issues causing errors. Customize your toolset with its debug and compliance packages that tailor the scope to your needs.

    Keysight's DSO9254A is a member of the 9000 Series of oscilloscopes — the world's first scopes with integrated logic analysis channels and a protocol analyzer viewer for buses such as PCIe™ and USB. These integrated features extend scope functionality, making it easier for engineers to test complex designs, and giving companies higher oscilloscope utilization for better return on capital equipment.

    Get three instruments in one:

    • Scope: The powerful features of the DSO9254A oscilloscope with InfiniiScan advanced triggering coupled with superior specifications give you precise signal representation.
    • Logic Analyzer: Add 16 integrated, deep-memory digital channels to see critical data values and timing relationships. Choose MSO9254A.
    • Protocol analyzer: Choose integrated protocol viewers to quickly drill down into packets and time correlate between protocol and physical layers.

    Widest range of debug and compliance software applications:

    • Serial protocol applications including I²C, SPI, RS-232, CAN, LIN, Flexray, and JTAG
    • Jitter analysis applications including EZJIT
    • MATLAB® software available directly from Keysight for making your own custom measurement and analysis routines, user-defined filters, or instrument applications.
    • Compliance testing applications include communication mask testing, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, Ethernet and USB 2.0.

    Most innovative form factor.
    The DSO9254A is equipped with a 15-inch display – the largest in the industry – that offers 57 percent more display area than scopes with 12-inch displays. Larger displays have become increasingly important as scopes need more space to display digital and serial signals in addition to traditional scope channels. The DSO9254A, designed with ASICs and Xilinx Virtex-5 technology, is among the thinnest, lightest and most portable in its class, making it ideal for teams that share a scope.

    Includes: 1-Year warranty, four N2873A 500 MHz passive probes, probe accessory pouch (mounts on rear of instrument), Keysight I/O libraries suite 15.0, power cord, front panel cover, keyboard, mouse, and stylus.

    Keysight BenchVue SoftwareKeysight BenchVue Software for the PC
    This free software option from Keysight offers engineers and technicians involved in design and validation an easy and intuitive way to accelerate testing with no programming necessary. Multiple instrument measurement visibility and data capture improves the way users interact with their instruments and the entire bench. BenchVue provides easy viewing, capturing and exporting of data and screen shots. Visit the BenchVue Product Page for more information including instrument compatibility.

    Manufacturer Model Description
    Keysight Opt. 001 (N5462B) RS-232/UART Triggering and Decode
    Keysight Opt. 002 (E2681A) EZJIT jitter analysis software
    Keysight Opt. 003 (N5384A) High-Speed SDA and Clock Recovery
    Keysight Opt. 004 (N5400A) EZJIT Plus jitter analysis software
    Keysight Opt. 005 (N5464B) USB Triggering and Decode
    Keysight Opt. 007 (N5391B) I2C/SPI Triggering and Decode
    Keysight Opt. 009 (N5415B) InfiniiScan event identification
    Keysight Opt. 010 (N5430A) User-Defined Function Requires MATLAB software (not included)
    Keysight Opt. 011 App Remote Programming Interface
    Keysight Opt. 012 Infiniium Signal Equalization For 1 GHz and above models only.
    Keysight Opt. 013 Infiniium Basic Signal De-Embedding For 1 GHz and above models only.
    Keysight Opt. 014 Infiniium Advanced Signal De-Embedding For 1 GHz and above models only.
    Keysight Opt. 015 (U1882A) Power Measurement application software Discontinued
    Keysight Opt. 018 (N8800B) I2C, SPI, and RS-232/UART Decode
    Keysight Opt. 021 (N5392A) Ethernet compliance application For 600 MHz and above models only.
    Keysight Opt. 029 (N5416A) USB 2.0 compliance application USB-IF approved and supported on all 2.5 GHz and 4 GHz models.
    Keysight Opt. 031 (U7233A) DDR1 validation application The DDR technology you are using may dictate the minimal bandwidth required for your scope.
    Keysight Opt. 32 Validation Application DDR2 and LPDDR2, installed
    Keysight Opt. 033 (N5435A) DDR3 up to 800MHz validation application Installed
    Keysight Opt. 040 (N5467A) User-definable application
    Keysight Opt. 042 (N8817A) JTAG Protocol Decode
    Keysight Opt. 50M (N2900A/050) Memory upgrade 50Mpts/channel
    Keysight Opt. 100 (N2900A/100) Memory upgrade 100Mpts/channel
    Keysight Opt. 200 (N2900A/200) Memory upgrade 200Mpts/channel
    Keysight Opt. 500 (N2900A/500) Memory upgrade 500Mpts/channel
    Keysight Opt. 801 Removable Hard Drive Must be requested at time of instrument order.
    Keysight Opt. 820 DVD-RW External DVD-RW with USB connection
    Keysight N2901B DSO9254A to MSO9254A Upgrade Kit
    Keysight N2902A Rackmount kit Option 1CM (8U)
    Keysight N2903A Additional removable hard disk drive Discontinued.
    Keysight N2808A PrecisionProbe Software Allows quick characterization of 9000 Series probes
    Keysight N2812A InfiniiMax III Cable 35 GHz, matches the performance of the 90000 X-Series oscilloscope.
    Keysight Opt. 058 DDR4 Compliance Test Software Application (U7231B) Installed. See Data Sheet for requirements.
    Keysight BV0000A BenchVue Software Compatible with many DMMs, power supplies, function generators, signal analyzers, and oscilloscopes. Allows you to visualize multiple measurements simultaneously. Refer to the BenchVue Info Page for instrument-compatibility list and additional information.