Keysight E5071C/285/1E5 ENA RF Network Analyzer

16232.159 MFG #: E5071C/285/1E5
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  • Manufacturer: Keysight
  • Condition: Used
  • Family Models: E5071C 285 1E5
  • Manufacturer Part #: E5071C/285/1E5
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  • TestEquity Part #: 16232.159

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Product Features

    • Up to 20 GHz
    • Wide dynamic range: >123 dB
    • Fast measurement speed: 41 ms at 1601 points with full 2-port cal
    • Low trace noise: <0.004 dBrms at 70 kHz IFBW
    • Integrated 2-port test set
    • Powerful analysis capability
    • 10.4" Color LCD with touch screen
    • Windows OS with LAN/USB/GPIB connectivity
    • Built-in VBA for test automation or customized GUI
    • Agilent 8753 look & feel button and code translation

    Keysight's E5071C ENA series network analyzer deliver new standards in speed, accuracy, and versatility for RF network analysis. Designed with a wide range of measurement capabilities to meet multiple network analysis needs, the E5071C offers efficiency and flexibility for both manufacturing and R&D applications in industries such as: wireless communication, automotive, semiconductor, and medical.

    Keysight E5071CEP Express Configuration is the most popular configuration for fast delivery and value. Created to get necessary tools into your hands more quickly, the express configurations provide the performance of an ENA series network analyzer delivered to you RIGHT NOW. Express configurations are fully upgradable, so as your needs change, you can optimize your test equipment with additional options.

    KeysightE5071C-010Time Domain Analysis
    KeysightE5071C-810Add Keyboard
    KeysightE5071C-820Add Mouse
    KeysightE5071C-1A7ISO 17025 Compliant Calibration with Data
    KeysightE5071C-A6JANSI Z540 Compliant Calibration with Data
    KeysightE5071C-008Frequency Offset Mode
    KeysightE5071C-790Measurement Wizard Assistant Software
    KeysightE5071C-1E5High Stability Timebase
    KeysightE5071C-017Removable hard disk drive
    KeysightE5071C-TDREnhanced Time Domain Analysis Option More info >>
    Keysight85032FMechanical Calibration Kit
    Keysight85033EMechanical Calibration Kit
    Keysight85052DEconomy Mechanical Calibration Kit, 3.5 mm
    Keysight1CM015ARackmount Flange Kit (5063-9216) 221.5mm H (5U) - two flange brackets. Direct replacement for 5063-9216. Includes 2 flanges, metric fasteners, mounting screws.
    Keysight1CN005AHandle Kit (5063-9229) 221.5mm H (5U) - two front handles. Direct replacement for 5063-9229. Includes 2 handles, 2 trim strips, metric fasteners.
    Keysight1CP009ARackmount Flange and Handle Kit (5188-4430) 221.5mm H (5U) - two brackets and front handles. Direct replacement for 5188-4430. Includes 2 handles, 2 flanges, metric fasteners, mounting screws.
    Keysight85092CRF Electronic Calibration Module 300 kHz - 9 GHz, Type-N, 2-port
    Keysight85093CRF Electronic Calibration Module 300 kHz to 9 GHz, 3.5 mm, 2-port
    KeysightN4431B4-Port ECal Module 4-Port, 300 kHz to 13.5 GHz
    KeysightN4433A4-Port ECal Module 4-Port, 300 kHz to 20 GHz
    KeysightN4691B2-port Microwave ECal Module 2-Port, 300 kHz to 26.5 GHz