Magna-Power Electronics UID47 Interface Device

25481.1 MFG #: UID47
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  • Manufacturer: Magna-Power Electronics
  • Condition: New
  • Manufacturer Part #: UID47
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  • TestEquity Part #: 25481.1

  • Description

Product Features

    Magna-Power Electronics UID47 is a general purpose device for connection to Magna-Power Electronics' power supplies. The device contains the necessary circuitry for configuring power supplies for master/slave parallel or series operation.

    • Compatible with all Magna-Power Electronics power supplies
    • Interface for series and parallel master/slave operation
    • User configurable screw terminal connector
    • Pad area for custom circuitry

    Please note: Magna-Power UID47 replaces the UID46.

    Please note: Magna-Power UID47 replaces the UID46.

    Master/slave parallel operation allows two or more power supplies to equally share output current when connected together. Master/slave series operation allows two or more power supplies to equally share output voltage when connected together. In either operation mode, the master unit will command the slave units to the proper voltage and current. Each unit will display its own individual voltage and current. Installation requires setting jumpers, placing included 37-conductor cables between the UID47 and power supplies, and wiring the power supply outputs in either parallel or series.

    The UID47 can be used as an interface for connecting control and monitoring lines to external circuitry. It also contains an area on the printed circuit board for interconnecting wires and placing components for specific user applications.

    Included: two (2) 6-foot 37-pin cables.

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