Keithley 237.0 High-Voltage Source-Measure Unit

16056.1 MFG #: 237.0
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  • Quote Required: Yes
  • Manufacturer: Keithley
  • Condition: Used
  • Amps: 0.1
  • Manufacturer Part #: 237.0
  • Meta Description: Explore our options for a Keithley 237 High-Voltage Source-Measure Unit. With various sizes and selections, you are sure to find the perfect solution at TestEquity.
  • TestEquity Part #: 16056.1
  • Volts: 1100
  • Watts: 11

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Product Features

    DISCONTINUED - Replaced by Keithley 2657ADISCONTINUED - Replaced by Keithley 2657A Keithley 237 Source-Measure Unit (SMU) is a fully programmable instrument, capable of sourcing and measuring voltage or current simultaneously. This system is really four instruments in one: voltage source, current source, voltage measure, and current measure Model 237 will source voltage from 100μV to 1100V, and current from 100fA to 100mA. It can also measure voltage from 10μV to 110V and current from 10fA to 100mA. In the higher voltage range, current source and measure is 10mA maximum. Includes: 7078-TRX-10 3-Slot Low Noise Triax Cables, 3m (10 ft) (qty. 2) 236-ILC-3 Interlock Cable, 3m (10 ft) 237-ALG-2 Low Noise Triax Cable, 2m (6.6 ft)

    Keithley237-TRX-NGTriax Adapter Male-Female, w/Guard Disconnected
    Keithley1938Fixed Rack Mounting Kit For 236, 237, 238
    Keithley1939Slide Rack Mount Kit for 236, 237, 238
    Keithley7010GPIB Adaptor Shielded
    Keithley7078-TRX-3Triax Cable Low Noise, 3-slot, 3 ft. (0.9 m)
    Keithley7078-TRX-20Triax Cable Low Noise, 3-slot, 20 ft. (6.1 m)