Keysight 83017A Microwave System Amplifier

15134.1 MFG #: 83017A
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  • Condition: Rental
  • Family Models: 83006A, 83017A, 83051A
  • Manufacturer: Keysight
  • Manufacturer Part #: 83017A
  • TestEquity Part #: 15134.1
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Product Features

    83006A: 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz, 20 dB gain 83017A: 50 MHz to 26.5 GHz, 25 dB gain 83051A: 45 MHz to 50 GHz, 23 dB gain Compact size Works with 87421A and 87422A Power SuppiesThe 83006A, 83017A, and 83051A preamplifiers increase the sensitivity and dynamic range of spectrum analyzers. Add a preamplifier to noise figure measurement systems to significantly lower system noise figure.