R&S RTP High-Performance Oscilloscope from Rohde & Schwarz
Doubles Maximum Bandwidth to 16 GHz

Rohde & Schwarz is introducing the new R&S RTP high-performance oscilloscope 13 and 16 GHz models, new 13 and 16 GHz modular probe models, plus powerful debugging options for RTP, RTO and RTE – all enabled with the firmware release 4.60. The new R&S RTP134 with 13 GHz bandwidth, and R&S RTP164 with 16 GHz bandwidth, support 4 channels to 8 GHz, or two channels interleave for the respective higher frequencies. For all R&S RTP models, bandwidth update options support bandwidth increases right up to 16 GHz.  

All the features and functions already introduced for models up to 8 GHz, including a high acquisition rate, and real-time deembedding are also available on the new RTP models. The maximum frequency of the industry-leading digital trigger extends to 16 GHz to provide the highest precision for detecting very small and intermittent signals, and to augment hardware-based clock recovery of embedded clock signals up to 16 Gbps data rates. The new RTP models, 13 and 16 GHz modular probes, and options are available immediately for sale, started September 10th, 2019. 

Signal Integrity in Realtime

The Rohde&Schwarz high-performance oscilloscope combines high-class signal integrity with a fast acquisition rate. Customized frontend ASICs and realtime processing hardware enable highly accurate measurements with unprecedented speed in a compact form factor.

Product Features:

  • Quickly find signal faults with 750,000 waveforms/s
  • High-precision digital trigger without bandwidth limitations
  • Realtime deembedding for triggering and fast acquistion
  • Compact design and silent operation for best fit to any lab
  • Precise measurements due to flat frequency response of +/- 0.25 dB

Key Facts:

  • Bandwidth: 4 GHz to 16 GHz
  • Max. sample rate: 40 Gsample/s
  • Max. memory depth: 2 Gsample
  • Realtime deembedding
  • All trigger events at full bandwidth
  • Up to 16 bit resolution

Available Models:

Product Name Bandwidth Channels Max. Sample Rate Max. Memory Depth Optional MSO
RTP-134 13/8 GHz 2/4 40 Gsample/s 2 Gsample 16 digital channels
RTP-164 16/8 GHz 2/4 40 G sample/s 2 Gsample 16 digital channels
RTP-044 4 GHz 4 40 Gsample/s 2 Gsample 16 digital channels
RTP-064 6 GHz 4 40 Gsample/s 2 Gsample 16 digital channels
RTP-084 8 GHz 4 40 Gsample/s 2 Gsample 16 digital channels






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