Perfect combination of performance and usability in a compact size

The new SMB100B RF signal generator is all about performance and versatility in a small footprint. Outstanding spectral purity and very high output power combined with comprehensive functionality and very simple operation are some of the impressive features of the SMB100B. It offers a frequency range from 8 kHz to 1 GHz, 3 GHz or 6 GHz.

Key Facts
  • Frequency range from 8 kHz to 1 GHz, 3 GHz or 6 GHz
  • Outstanding single sideband (SSB) phase noise of < –134 dBc (meas.) at 1 GHz and an offset of 20 kHz
  • Very low wideband noise of < –153 dBc (typ.) at 15 MHz < f ≤ 6 GHz and an offset of 30 MHz
  • Ultra high output power of 34 dBm (meas.) at 1 GHz
  • Compact form factor with 2 HU and ¾ 19" width

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Perfect solution for mobile communication, GNSS and more applications

The SMBV100B vector signal generator combines superior performance characteristics such as high output power, wide modulation bandwidth and excellent signal quality. With a frequency range from 8 kHz to 6 GHz, the instrument covers all important RF bands for digital wireless communications. The wide RF modulation bandwidth of up to 500 MHz satisfies the challenging requirements of fourth and fifth generation communications standards. In A&D applications, the wide bandwidth allows the generation of complex pulsed signals. In many test setups, such as for RF component verification, it is important to provide signals at high power levels.
The SMBV100B offers best-in-class signal quality up to very high power levels. No extra amplifier is needed, which simplifies the test setup. The SMBV100B has an intuitive touchscreen GUI and is therefore very ergonomic and practical to use. The customizable instrument is also prepared to meet future requirements. Options can be added via software keycodes, making it easy to enhance the instrument with additional functionality, e.g. by extending frequency, bandwidth and output power.

The state-of-the-art SMBV100B vector signal generator sets new standards in its class. Ultra high output power, fully calibrated wideband signal generation and intuitive touchscreen operation make the SMBV100B ideal for all kinds of applications.

Always in line with the latest specifications of major digital communication standards like 5G NR, LTE and WLAN, the SMBV100B is the preferred test solution for receiver and component characterization.

Key Facts
  • Frequency range from 8 kHz to 3 GHz or 6 GHz
  • Ultra high output power up to +34 dBm
  • 500 MHz modulation bandwidth with perfect accuracy
  • Signal generation for all major digital communication standard incl. 5G NR, LTE and WLAN
  • GNSS simulator with GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS/SBAS

For more information please download this Brochure.