It's Time For a Change: Rohde & Schwarz Trade-in Promotion

Through June 30, 2019, Rohde & Schwarz is offering a 30% Discount off RTM3000 and/or RTA4000 oscilloscopes with at least 350 MHz when trading a qualifying model.

If your current oscilloscope can't be, or is expensive to service, or if it lacks sufficient memory, it is time for a new oscilloscope.

The RTM3000 and RTA4000 Series oscilloscopes offer a wide range of benefits and unique features:

  • 10-bit ADC, four times more vertical resolution than standard 8-bit ADCs
  • 80 Msample/200 Msample of memory, which is at least 10 times more than similar oscilloscopes in the same instrument class
  • 10.1" display with capacitive touchscreen (1280 x 800 pixel)
  • Wide range of trigger and decode options on serial buses
  • Outstanding input sensitivity down to 500 μV/div
  • 10 s boot time
  • 3-year warranty
Oscilloscope Choose a bandwidth upgrade
RTM3002 RTM-B223 – 350 MHz
RTM-B225 – 500 MHz
RTM-B2210 – 1 GHz
RTM3004 RTM-B243 – 350 MHz
RTM-B245 – 500 MHz
RTM-B2410 – 1 GHz
RTA4004 RTA-B243 – 350 MHz
RTA-B245 – 500 MHz
RTA-B2410 – 1 GHz

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Eligible Trade-in Instruments

The following oscilloscopes can be traded in during the 30% Trade In promotion:

Agilent/Keysight Tektronix Yokogawa
54600 series TDS3000 series DLM2000 MSO series
InfiniiVision 5000 series TDS3000C series DL9000 MSO/DSO series
InfiniiVision 6000 series MSO/DPO3000 series DL7400 series digital
InfiniiVision 7000 series MSO/DPO4000 series DL1600 series digital
InfiniiVision 3000 X-series MDO3000 series DL1700 series digital
InfiniiVision 3000T X-series MDO4000 series
InfiniiVision 4000 X-series MDO4000C series




LeCroy/Teledyne Lecroy  
WaveJet 300/300T series WaveRunner LT-2 series
WaverSurfer 400 series WaveRunner 6000 series
WaverSurfer Xs series WaveRunner 6000A series
WaverSurfer Xs-A series WaveRunner Xi series
WaverSurfer MXs-A series WaveRunner MXi series
WaveSurfer 3000 series WaveRunner MXi-A series
WaveRunner LT series HDO4000A series


How do you get the Rohde &Scharz 30% trade-in promotion?

The 30% discount only applies to the purchase of a new RTM3000 and/or RTA4000 oscilloscope with a bandwidth of at least 350 MHz (required upgrade) and only when one of the instruments listed above is traded in at the time of purchase. The 30% discount applies to the base unit and available bandwidth upgrades. Further hardware and software options are excluded from the discount. This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.

Please download Promotion Flyer for additional terms and conditions.