Power & Versatility for your Most Demanding Electrical Safety Test Applications
More speed, more power, better resolution, more functionality. 

Vitrek built the 95X Series from the ground up with DSP technology to bring you the safest, fastest, most capable, feature rich hipot testers available. The 95X Series combines high-output power with a wide range of AC & DC voltage outputs, and extremely low leakage current measurement.

They added a 4-wire milli-ohmmeter with dynamic range up to 100K ohms and an overlapping Tera-ohm class Insulation Resistance function. Also included is a 40 Amp Ground Bond capability.

Vitrek 95X Series
For more than 25 years Vitrek has been driven by an obsession to build a better hipot tester. Increased user safety, faster test times, higher output voltages and more functionality have been our driving force. The 95X series is the result of this pursuit—offering power, speed, accuracy and resolution that leave the others far behind.

For Demanding Hipot Tests – Demand the Vitrek 95X
Speed and power go hand in hand, the 6.5KVDC models offer 50mA of source current for DC Hipot—providing the power you need to rapidly charge and discharge challenging DUTs. Models are also available with DC hipot up to 11KV and 15KV. Most of the 95X series also offer 50mA of sourcing for AC hipot, but for heavier AC loads the 95X can be configured to source up to 100mA or even as much as 200mA.

For higher AC hipot voltages the 95X can generate up to 10KV internally and all models are available with an external 30KVAC hipot option. When it comes to making critical leakage current measurements, the 95X delivers rock-solid resolution down to 100 pico-amps. This high resolution provides built-in insulation resistance measurement (IR) up to a Tera-ohm, add a 4-wire milli-ohmmeter with autoranging up to 100K ohm and an available 40 amp Ground Bond function—and you are beginning to understand the versatility of the Vitrek 95X Series.

Need To Hipot Multiple Test Points?
The 95X has the ability to directly control up to four 64 channel HV scanners, right out of the box. That is up to 256 test points and using a PC with Vitrek’s QuickTest Pro software you can expand the count up to 640 test points. The HV Switching System of choice is the Vitrek 964i which can hold eight 8 channel switching cards—available in 7, 10 and 15 KV ratings. The 964i also has switching cards to handle routing up to 40 amp ground bond currents.


Capabilities 951i 952i 953i 954i 955i 957i 959i
AC Hipot 20V-6KV  20V-6KV 20V-6KV 20V-6KV 50V-10KV 20V-6KV -
DC Hipot / IR 30V-6.5KV 30V-6.5KV 50V-11KV 50V-11KV 50V-11KV 100V-15KV -
40A Ground Bond - Yes - Yes - - Yes
4 Wire Ohmmeter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes