Essential Tools for a Fiber Rich Network
Receive a FREE Microscope Inspection w/ purchase of any qualifying OTDR package

In today’s networks, fiber is essential to achieve bandwidth requirements. So it’s no surprise that today’s contractors must be equipped with the knowledge, tools and confidence to ensure these fiber rich networks are performing their best. As the global leader in fiber test solutions, VIAVI is committed to making that happen. Every technician that handles fiber must make sure that connector endfaces are clean. So for a limited time, VIAVI Solutions is providing a free inspection microscope with the purchase of an OTDR package. 

These award winning fiber tools from VIAVI deliver intuitive, reliable and fast workflow so that technicians can test fiber with confidence. 
Equip your team with this perfect combination of essential tools for field contractors to ensure they can deliver the best performance of every fiber network they encounter.

Buy this ...and get this for free!
Any qualifying Smart OTDR
Handheld Fiber Tester

P5000i probe microscope kit*

Any qualifying BERD-4000
or TBERD-2000 OTDR package

FiberCheck probe miscroscope kit**

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Why are these two test instruments so essential?

  • Contamination is the #1 cause of troubleshooting in optical networks, so implementing proper inspection before you connect methods, ensures the fiber end faces are clean prior to mating connectors.
  • Testing fiber with an OTDR provides a virtual “picture” of the entire fiber optic cable route. If there is a problem in a fiber link, the OTDR will locate the exact position and tell you what the problem is.

What's included?
*FREE P5000i probe microscope kit includes the following:

Part Number Description
FBP-MTS-101 P5000i microscope kit with 7 inspection tips (includes LC/PC, SC/PC, FC/PC and SC/APC), Carrying Case

*FREE FiberChek probe microscope kit includes the following:

Part Number Description
FIT-FC-KIT3 FiberCheck Wi-Fi microscope kit with 6 inspection tips (includes LC/PC, SC/PC and SC/APC), Carrying Case

Terms and Conditions:
  • Valid in US and Canada only
  • Offer is subject to change at any time
  • Products must be purchased from an authorized VIAVI Solutions partner
  • Reference the following promotion code when ordering: Fiber Rich 2019
  • Offer is not to be combined with any other promotion or contracted price
  • Promotion is valid for purchase orders received between September 1 and March 31, 2020 
  • Offer only valid with SmartOTDR, TB-2000 and TB-4000 OTDR configurations. 
  • Excludes the following kits: TB2-OTDR-TK3, TB2-QUAD-TK2, SMARTOTDR136FB-P5, TB2-FCOMP-TK1, TB4T-CWDM-P2.