Aerospace and Defense

TestEquity has long been a proud supplier of solutions for the military and defense industries, including test and measurement related to radar, electronic warfare, IED jamming, and many other applications.


Source: Tektronix
Improving IED Countermeasure Technology - Using RF Capture and Playback Systems
By combining the Tektronix spectrum analyzer and X-COM Systems long duration RF signal storage system, a unique tool results for the recording, analyzing, and creating of new waveforms and complex RF environments to help tackle IED countermeasure technologies.
Source: Keysight
Addressing the Challenges of High-Speed Digital I/O for Aerospace Defense - Application Note
This application note will also discuss test challenges and commercial test solutions for fiber digital I/O technologies to help mitigate risk in upgrading to fiber-based technologies.
Source: Keysight
OFDMA Introduction and Overview for Aerospace and Defense Applications - Application Note
Provides a brief introduction to the concepts of OFDM and OFDMA, with an eye toward the special considerations and environments for A/D applications.
Source: Keysight
Radar, Electronic Warfare, and Electronic Intelligence Testing: Identifying Common Test Challenges
This article in Defense Technical Briefs covers common test challenges and radar basics. Radar, EW, and ELINT engineers make a variety of routine measurements. As highlighted earlier, pulse width and PRF or PRI provide important information about a radar system's resolution and range.
Source: Tektronix
Creating Signals That Look Real to Radar
What's the best solution to help you create complex radar test signals at the highest frequencies? Our new application note, "Radar Signal Generation with a High-Performance AWG," answers that question and explains much more.

Source: Rohde & Schwarz
Pulsed RADAR signal generation and measurements
Current Radar development is focusing the area of signal processing. This is taken into account by this educational note, where the R&S© SMW / SMBV instruments on the transmitter side and R&S© / FSV instruments on the receiver side are combined to a closed loop Radar system, performing radar detection by means of pulse compression and digital signal processing. Appropriate R&S software tools for such applications are described as well as the interface between the tools and the test instruments.



Source: Keysight
Keysight Radar Principles & Systems Teaching Solution
This video demonstrates one of the labs on CW and Doppler Radar operation which is a part of Radar principles & systems teaching solution by Keysight and Dreamcatcher. The package serves as a ready-to-teach package in the area of radar systems and analysis, including CW, Doppler, FMCW, pulsed and imaging radars.
Source: Keysight
Real-Time Radar Analysis I Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer
This video compares swept spectrum analysis to real-time analysis of an S-band acquisition radar using a low duty cycle with frequency hopping. See how real-time analysis overcomes challenges often faced when using traditional methods for analyzing pulsed signals.
Source: Keysight
Precision Validation of Radar System Performance in the Field | FieldFox
This short video, "Precise Validation of Radar System Performance in the Field", introduces the viewer to problems encountered in field testing of mission critical radar systems, both military and commercial.