BK Precision MR Series NPI

Expanding the B&K Precision MR-Series DC Power Supply Lineup

The MR series packs a lot of power into a surprisingly small package. More surprising is the capability to unpack that power into a wide range of high voltage or high current DC power signals with low noise and low ripple. These power supplies are ideal for bench use and automated test systems—and two new models have joined the lineup.




MR25080 MR50040 MR100020
Max Output Voltage 160 V 160 V 250V 500 V 1000 V
Max Output Current 120 A 120 A 80 A 40 A 20 A
Max Output Power 3000 W 5000 W 5000 W 5000 W 5000 W

Small Footprint. Big Impact.

  • Up to 5 kW power output in a compact 2U package
  • Incredible flexibility for up to 1000 volts or 120 amps with adjustable voltage and current slope (rise and fall time)
  • Built-in Solar Array Simulator (SAS) function for testing solar inverters, with optional upgrades for simulating various weather and irradiance conditions

Smart Power for the Test Bench

  • List mode programming and slew rate adjustments directly from the front panel, which supports 10 user-defined setups with up to 100 programmable steps each
  • Includes operating software test sequence generation and data logging without the need to write source code.
  • Galvanically isolated analog control and monitoring interface

Versatile Performance

  • Control up to 50 power supplies from one PC with standard USB (USBTMC-compliant), RS232, GPIB and LXI compliant LAN interfaces
  • LabVIEWTM, IVI-C, and IVI.NET drivers streamline system development
  • Master/Slave mode operation provides up to 50 kW with 10 units connected in parallel