High performance. High Value. Meet the favorite Keithley and Tektronix instruments.

Why are these Tektronix/Keithley instruments at-the-ready on test benches everywhere? Because engineers have high standards for their benches. Their instruments must deliver precise, repeatable measurements for an unpredictable array of tests—without cumbersome troubleshooting.

Featured products:

Keithley DMM6500 Digital Multimeter | Save 5%

  • 15 measurement functions including capacitance, temperature, and digitizing
  • Expanded measurement ranges include 10 pA to 10 A and 1 mΩ to 100 MΩ
  • Automated multi-channel measurements
  • Power analysis: Capture voltage and current transmissions
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Keithley DAQ6510 Data Acquisition | Save 5%

  • LAN/LXI and USB-TMC standard interfaces; options include GPIB, RS-232, and TSP-Link®
  • Connect up to 80 DUTs in a single test
  • Scan as fast as 800 channels per second with the solid-state relay module
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Meet the Engineer’s Favorites:
Save up to 10% on test bench instruments from Tektronix and Keithley.

Keithley Digital Multimeters & Data Acquisition

DMM6500 Save 5%
DAQ6510 Save 5%
DAQ6510/7700 Save 5%
DMM7510 Save 10%

Keithley Power Supplies

2231A-30-3 Save 5%
2280S-32-6 Save 5%
2280S-60-3 Save 5%
2281S-20-6 Save 5%

*Offer ends September 30, 2021

Tektronix 31000 Series Arbitrary Function Generators

AFG31021 Save 5%
AFG31022 Save 5%
AFG31051 Save 5%
AFG31052 Save 5%
AFG31101 Save 5%
AFG31102 Save 5%
AFG31151 Save 10%
AFG31152 Save 10%
AFG31251 Save 10%
AFG31252 Save 10%