Vitrek HC-7 Hard Carrying Shipping Case, Internal Die Cut Foam Inserts, 20 x 17 x 9 in, PA900 Series

29888.1 MFG #: HC-7
$735.00 / EA
  • Drill Down Description: Hard Carrying Shipping Case, Internal Die Cut Foam Inserts, 20 x 17 x 9 in, PA900 Series
  • Model: HC-7
  • Web Meta Description: Buy Vitrek PA900 Series Hard Carrying Shipping Case and Accessories from TestEquity
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  • Condition: New
  • Series: PA900 Series

  • Description

    Vitrek PA900 Harmonic Power Analyzer Hard Carrying Shipping Case

    Precision + Ease of Use = Affordability The HC-7X is a tough, durable hard shipping/carrying case with internal die cut foam inserts with room for the instrument and accessories. External dimensions are 20” W x 17” D x 9” H.

    Modular Design means Flexibility

    The PA900 uses a modular design approach to provide the performance you need at a price that meets your budget. A single PA900 mainframe holds up to 4 Channels of power measurement in any combination of three different Channel types.

    • The S type Channel card provides economical, high performance power measurement with a basic 0.1% accuracy and enough bandwidth to handle waveforms up to 1 MHz.
    • The A type ultra-precision Channel card offers a two year accuracy rating of 0.03% of reading and bandwidth up to 1 MHz.
    • The W type Wideband Channel card performs precision power measurements on the toughest real world waveforms, with sampling speed fast enough to tame waveforms up to 5Mhz.

    And speaking of flexibility, each of the above Channel cards is available with your choice of three different current input options. The D current input option uses an auto-ranging Dual Shunt system to deliver precision current measurement from as low as 0.1micro-amp resolution on the 1 amp range up to 20 amps rms on the high range.

    For higher current measurements, the H current input option operates from 10 micro-amp resolution up to 30 amps rms. The X input current option is designed to provide optimum compatibility with a wide range of external shunts and current transducers. Vitrek makes it easy for you to configure a harmonic power analyzer that is perfect for your application.

    PA900 Channel Cards, Upgrades, and Accessories:

    SDStandard Dual Current Channel Card
    SHStandard High Current Channel Card
    SXStandard External Current Channel Card
    ADHi Accuracy Dual Shunt Channel Card
    AHHi Accuracy High Current Channel Card
    AXHi Accuracy External Current Channel Card
    WDWideband Dual Current Channel Card
    WHWideband High Current Channel Card
    WXWideband External Current Channel Card
    MTMotor Transducer Channel Card
    H500Increases Capability up to 500 Harmonics
    ENAdds Built-in EN61000 Compliance Computations
    LPA-1Universal Load Power Adaptor
    HC-7Hard Carrying/Shipping Case with Die Cut Foam
    RM-74U (7”H) 19” W Rack Mount Kit
    ISO-CALN-C1Channel Card ISO 17025 Cal with Data (with purchase)