Advanced Fiber Solutions AF-OLK51A-MM Multimode Fiber Test Kit

20354.1 MFG #: AF-OLK51A-MM
$995.00 / EA
  • Brand: Advanced Fiber Solutions
  • Condition: New
  • Family Models: AF-OLK5, AF-OLK5N NextGen Series

  • Description

    • Fiber Optic Power Meter and Light Source kit
    • 1mm detector
    • Compact light weight carrying case
    • dBm/W (absolute) + dB (relative) measurement
    • Graphical display with testing guide
    • Zero reference with dBm value displayed
    • dBm and Watts displayed simultaneously
    • 0.1dB/0.01dB Resolution (Selectable)
    • Single-mode and multimode applications
    • Meter calibration certificate included
    • ST, SC, FC, 2.5mm Universal & LC (other adapters also available)

    Advanced Fiber Solutions AF-OLK5A Series test kits are the complete solution necessary for the installer to test, terminate and troubleshoot fiber optic systems. These test kits are designed to allow testing of all parameters of fiber optic networks, including output power levels from the fiber, coupled source power and attenuation loss in a cable.

    AF-OM100A Series Power Meter
    All of the Advanced Fiber Solutions power meters are the perfect tools for measuring optical power, loss (attenuation) and optical return loss in any system, it is just a matter of picking the right instrument for the application. All meters are calibrated at industry standard wavelengths (NIST traceable) for both single-mode and multimode transmitters. All detectors are potted in a threaded housing for versatility and allows the user to interchange adapters for numerous connector types. The AF-OM100A Series meters are a low cost series of power meters for the technician who wants a high performance meter. They feature features as 0.01dB resolution, Watts readout, Zero referencing and a TIA testing procedure reference guide. All power meters come with protective rubber boot.

    The AF-OM120A has a measurement range of +3dBm to -55dBm @1310nm and is designed for Single-mode, Multimode, Outside Plant and Premise applications.

    The OM120N-I has a measurement range of +6dBm to -60dBm and is ideal for measurement of optical power and optical loss (attenuation) in a fiber optic network.

    The AF-OM150A has a measurement range of +20dBm to -40dBm @1310nm and is designed for Single-mode, Long wavelengths, and CATV applications.

    AF-OS400 Series Light Source
    The AF-OS400 Series sources offer a complete line of sources for any testing application. Whether testing outside plant or premise an AF-OS400 series optical source will be perfect when combined with an AF-OM100 Series optical power meter. On each source all wavelengths are individually adjustable allowing the user to use less battery power when high optical output power is not necessary, or to turn up the power to test long runs. This also makes it possible for the AF-OS420 LED source to test single-mode cables up to 5km at 1300nm.

    The AF-OS420 is for 850nm & 1300nm and provides >-20.0dBm @850 & 1300 into 62.5 micron fiber.

    The AF-OS430 is for 1310nm & 1550nm and provides >-8.0dBm @1310 & 1550 into single mode fiber.

    Kit Part Number Application Source Wavelength Kit Content
    AF-OLK51A-MM Multimode 850nm/1330nm AF-OM120A, AF-OS420
    AF-OLK51N-MM Multimode 850nm/1300nm AF-OM120N-I, AF-OS420N
    (Specify -FC,- ST, or- SC)
    Single Mode 1310nm/1550nm AF-OM120A, AF-OS430-ST
    AF-OLK51N-SM Single Mode 1300nm/1550nm AF-OM120N-I, AF-OS430N
    AF-OLK51N-Q Single Mode, Multimode, Quad 850nm/1300nm
    AF-OM120N-I, AF-OS420N, AF-OS430N
    (Specify -FC,- ST, or- SC)
    Single Mode & Multimode 1310nm/1550nm
    AF-OM120A, AF-OS430-ST, AF-OS420
    (Specify -FC,- ST, or- SC)
    CATV Single Mode 1310nm/1550nm AF-OM150A, AF-OS430-ST
    (Specify -FC,- ST, or- SC)
    CATV Single Mode & Multimode 1310nm/1550nm
    AF-OM150A, AF-OS430-ST, AF-OS420
    AF-OLK51A-P POF & Multimode 850nm/660nm AF-OM110A, AF-OS417

    AF-OLK5N NextGen Series kits include a Power Meter, Light Source, AD-100 (2.5mm Universal Adapter for SC/FC/ST), Batteries, Alco wipes, Manual, and Meter Calibration Certificate. AF-OLK5N Series kits also include a Trim Tool.