Tektronix P5205A High-Voltage Differential Probe 100 MHz 1300V

10869.2 MFG #: P5205A
$1,810.00 / EA
  • Drill Down Description: High-Voltage Differential Probe, 100 MHz, 1300V
  • Model: P5205A
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  • Description

    • 1.3 kV Differential
    • 1 kV to Ground (Each Channel)
    • 100 MHz
    • 50X / 500X Attenuation
    • No More Floating Your Scope Unsafely
    • Excellent Signal Fidelity
    • Easy Connection to ICs and Bus Bars
    • Safe for User and DUT
    • Power From TekProbe Interface

    Tektronix P5205A is a 100 MHz Active Differential Probe capable of measuring fast rise times of signals in floating circuits. This 1,300 V differential probe can safely measure voltages in IGBT circuits such as motor drives or power converters. It is specifically designed to operate on Tektronix oscilloscopes with TekProbe® interface.

    P52xxA Series probes are equipped with the Tektronix TekProbe® interface which communicates scale information to the oscilloscope. Direct connections can be made to oscilloscopes configured with the TekProbe® interface or to any oscilloscope when used with the 1103 TekProbe® Power Supply.