Aim-TTi TGF3162 Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator

26806.1 MFG #: TGF3162
$1,190.00 / EA
  • Brand: Aim-TTi
  • Condition: New
  • Family Models: TGF3162, TGF3000 Series

  • Description

    Two-channels, 0.001 MHz to 160 MHz sine frequency range Arbitrary waveforms of 16-bits / 800MSa/s High sine wave purity with low phase noise and jitter, audio band THD down to 0.05% Square waves up to 50 MHz with variable duty cycle, edge speeds down to 5ns Resolution of up to 15 digits or 1μHz, high stability TCXO timebase Two identical channels – independent or linked with coupled and tracking modes Inter-channel phase offset of -360° to +360° with 0.001° resolution Pulse generation w/ 100ps width resolution, <30ps jitter, and variable rise/fall times Wideband noise generator with up to 100 MHz noise bandwidth PRBS pseudo-random bit sequence generation with 8 sequence lengths Harmonics generation using up to 16 harmonics Wide range of standard and arbitrary waveforms built-in Waveform Manager Plus for Windows editing software included Modulation frequencies up to 10 MHz internal and 5 MHz external Comprehensive internal/external digital and analog modulation set including Sum modulation Gate and Burst modes with internal and external triggering Bi-directional linear and logarithmic sweep using internal or external triggering 125 MHz frequency counter/timer with five measurement modes Compact half-rack 2U casing with protective buffers and handle Programmable via USB and LAN (LXI) interfaces; GPIB optional Three-year warranty with registration

    Two Identical Channels with Phase Control, Coupling and Tracking
    The TGF3162 function/arbitrary generator offers signal generation capability at 160 MHz on two identical full performance channels that can operate independently or in coupled or tracking modes. Precise channel to channel phase control with a resolution of 0.001° is provided. (Note that external trigger and external modulation inputs are shared.)

    Custom Arbitrary Waveforms
    Custom arbitrary waveforms of 16 bit vertical resolution and up to 8192 points can be defined and replayed at sampling rates up to 800MS/s.

    Waveform quality
    The TGF3162 generates high purity sine waves with low harmonic distortion and noise bandwidth of 100 MHz. Audio band THD is significantly better than similar generators at just 0.05%.

    Wideband noise generator | High-resolution pulse generator
    High resolution, low jitter pulses can be generated as can wide bandwidth white noise. A extensive array of modulations is provided using internal and external sources. Gated, burst and sweep modes can use internal or external trigger sources.

    Remote control via USB and LXI compliant LAN (standard) can be supplemented by optional GPIB if required.

    Waveform editing software
    The TGF3162 is supplied with Waveform Manager Plus software for Windows. This PC software enables complex arbitrary waveforms to be created and edited. Waveforms can be built in any number of sections using any combination of standard waveforms, mathematical expressions, drawn waveforms, uploaded waveforms, imported waveforms and existing stored waveforms.

    Waveforms can be transferred to the generator using either the Flash drive interface or the bus interfaces.

    Built-in Waveforms
    A large number of standard and pre-built arbitrary waveforms are built into the generator. These include triangles, ramps, sinc, logarithmics, exponentials, gaussians and cardiac (among others).

    High Resolution Pulse Generator
    The pulse generator function offers an exceptionally high pulse width resolution of 100ps over a period range from 50ns to 1000s. The pulse edge speed is fully variable from 10ns to 1ms. Pulse jitter is dramatically lower than any comparable generator at only 30ps.

    Frequency Counter/Timer
    The frequency counter function allows external signals to be measured in terms of frequency, period, pulse width or duty cycle. The frequency range is 0.1Hz to 125MHz with a measurement resolution of up to seven digits. Both generator channels remain operational when the counter is is use.

    PRBS Generator
    PRBS (Pseudo-Random Bit Sequence) is a binary waveform type that is widely used within secure communications systems. PRBS is offered with a choice of 8 sequence lengths at rates between 1mbps and 50Mbps. PRBS can be used as both a carrier waveform and a modulation.

    Harmonics Generator
    The harmonics generator function built into the TGF3162 enables waveform to be created by the addition of sine wave harmonics. Up to 16 harmonics can be used, chosen from up to the 50th order. The amplitude and phase can be individually set for each harmonic.

    Aim-TTi TGF3000 waveform software

    Waveform Manager Plus Software Enlarge

    TGF3000 Series Comparison TGF3082 TGF3162
    No. of channels 2 2
    Max frequency (sine) 160 MHz 80 MHz
    Vertical bits / Sample rate 16 bits / 800 MSa/s 14 bits / 400 MSa/s
    Noise bandwidth 100 MHz 62.5 MHz
    Model-specific features*
    PRBS Generator Standard Optional*
    Harmonics Generator Standard Optional*
    Sum Modulation Standard Optional*
    Inter-channel coupling & tracking Standard Optional*

    * The four model-specific features can be added to the TGF3082 by software unlocking (option GU3082).