Hioki ST5520 Insulation Resistance Tester

22935.1 MFG #: ST5520
$1,100.00 / EA
  • Drill Down Description: Insulation Resistance Tester
  • Model: ST5520
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  • Description

    Selectable test voltage from 25 V to 1000 V, with 1 V resolution Measures up to 4000 MΩ Rapid test times as fast as 50 ms Quick discharge of residual voltage Contact check function (prevents errors due to poor contact) Short-circuit check function (catching potential defects) ST5520 (with External I/O Output) ST5520-01 (with BCD Output) Test leads are optional - see Options & Accessories tab

    Faster testing due to fast measurement speed
    The ST5520 and ST5520-01 deliver pass/fail assessment in as fast as 50 ms. and 25 to 1000 V test voltage with 1 V resolution, shortening your test processes.

    Contact check function preventing shipment of defective parts
    the ST5520 comes standard with a contact check function that notifies the operator in the event of a measurement line break or faulty contact. This ensures that resistance testing is not carried out without proper contact, as this can result in erroneous assessment. There are two methods: 4-wire contact check and comparator contact check.

    Operator-configurable output voltage from 25 V to 1,000 V in 1 V increments
    The insulation resistance measurement process involves applying a test voltage to the object under test. There is no specific test voltage commonly established for insulation testing of lithium-ion and other batteries, so the test voltage varies by manufacturer. Additionally, test voltages used for electronic components such as relays and connectors are expected to change over time to accommodate evolving standards. Consequently, Hioki made the test voltage operator-configurable from 25 V to 1,000 V in 1 V increments.

    Verification of external I/O signals on the instrument's screen
    On production lines where large quantities of parts are tested, measuring instruments are automatically controlled using external I/O signals. The ST5520 has functionality that enables operators to check the I/O status of these signals on its screen.

    External interfaces
    Use the RS-232C interface to capture measurement and assessment results from a PC, PLC or other system. The ST5520 is also equipped with a "data output function" for automatically sending the measurement values and assessment results at the end of each test.

    Included: Instruction manual, power cord, EXT. I/O Connector and connector cover.