Keysight D9010BSEO Infiniium Offline - Base Software, S Series

2006111035289567 MFG #: D9010BSEO
$443.48 / each
  • Drill Down Description: Infiniium Offline - Base Software, S Series
  • Model: D9010BSEO
  • Web Meta Description: Gain insight into the causes of signal jitter with the S-Series Analysis Applications from Keysight, including the D9010BSEO Infiniium Offline - Base Software available at TestEquity
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Keysight SKU -D9010BSEO/R-B5P-001-A/R-B6P-001-L

  • Description

    Keysight D9010BSEO/R-B5P-001-A/R-B6P-001-L Node-locked perpetual license with 12 months KeysightCare software support

    The S-Series Analysis Applications from Keysight allow you to gain insight into the causes of signal jitter with full offline capability allowing you to test from simulation through silicon debug, and a power application to provide a full suite of power measurements that run directly to your oscilloscope

    Key Features & Specifications


    • Use your PC to view and analyze to get additional insight, without having to be with your scope and target system
    • Share scope measurements more easily across your team, and if needed with customers and vendors
    • Create more useful documentation, faster
    • Supports a variety of popular file formats from Keysight Infiniium and InfiniiVision oscilloscopes as well as generic .csv, .txt, and .tsv files

    Standard Features

    • Open and view up to 8 waveforms (supports up to 16-bit vertical bits)
    • Use familiar scope horizontal and vertical controls to quickly navigate and zoom in to any event of interest
    • Access over 60 built-in automated measurements with a mouse click
    • 20 math operators including FFT and filters, up to four independent/cascaded math functions

    Host PC operating system and resources

    • Required: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit operating system, 2 GB RAM, 1 GB free hard drive space
    • Recommended: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit operating system, 8 GB RAM, 25 GB free hard drive space


    Capture waveforms on your scope, save to a file, and recall the waveforms into Keysight’s Infiniium Offline application. The application supports a variety of popular waveform formats from multiple oscilloscope vendors. Now you can view, analyze, share, and document scope measurements anywhere your PC goes.