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"ALL NEW" 115R Stackable Chamber!

  • New probing technologies
  • Measurement challenges presented by new materials like GaN and SiC
  • Why noise on DC power rails is becoming a big concern
  • Advanced power measurements for increasing switch mode power supply efficiency
  • Refresher on proper probing techniques


Official Speaker at ATX19

Ben Hensler
SVP - TestEquity

Day: TBD
Time: TBD
Stage: TBD

How climatic testing and today’s environmental chambers can speed up R&D

The automobile is undergoing tremendous disruption. Sophisticated electronics lay at the heart of innovation behind autonomous vehicles, E-mobility, and the connected car. Climatic testing of component parts embedded into today’s vehicles must withstand temperature and humidity extremes. This session will explore new chamber technologies and why the same precision and reliability required with aerospace and defense applications must be applied to the automotive industry. Mr. Hensler will examine concepts like new touchscreen controller capabilities, refrigeration system advances, and software/firmware updates that have the power to ensure automotive product safety, speed product time-to-market


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