Discover a Better Way to Debug and Characterize Your Device
A TestEquity & Tektronix Seminar

Join TestEquity and Tektronix for a free seminar in Montreal and Ottawa.

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Montreal Seminar
Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Novatel Montreal Airport
2599 Boulevard Alfred Nobel

Ottawa Seminar

Please note this event has been postponed,
check back soon for our new date.




Andrea Clary
Applications Engineer,
Keithley Instruments Product Line

Blair Battye
Applications Engineer,

AM Session:  
Current-Voltage Measurement Made Simple and Easy

Time: 9.30am to 11.30am

Presenter:  Andrea Clary

Presentation Topics

  • While a power supply and DMM are often used to characterize devices, using a single SMU (Source Measure Unit) instrument for device characterization can significantly reduce test times and provide more characterization insight.
  • Watch our live demonstration and get a hands-on view.
  • See how to apply a data acquisition system to speed up your collection of test results for current and voltage measurements.

PM Session:  
Current-Voltage Measurement Made Simple and Easy

Time: 1pm to 3pm

Presenter: Blair Battye

Presentation Topics:

  • Characterization of power rails is an increasingly common application. Learn tips and tricks from our expert in selecting the proper probe to simplify that task
  • Many Tektronix customers share this common challenge: being able to measure lower amplitude with a minimum of noise. Discover the significance of having 12 bit resolution during our live demonstration
  • Using the math function FFT in an oscilloscope is often challenging to set up and can lead to misleading results in the frequency domain. Discover recently introduced ways to simplify this task.
  • Learn methods for making jitter measurements across many component types (RD, DJ, total jitter etc...) and how to solve it and why it is critical.




Join Us for a free seminar in Montreal and Ottawa.


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