Keysight EXR Oscilloscope: Unparalleled Serial Bus Capabilities

Serial buses are the languages spoken between electronics. You need the right tools to keep up with the grammar. Look no further than Keysight’s Infiniium EXR Series oscilloscopes.

What makes the EXR-series the ultimate testing and debugging solution? Protocol-specific software options that can trigger on and decode virtually any serial bus from any industry. That means your designs will keep up with today’s system communication standards.

Keysight gives you the flexibility to spec your Infiniium EXR for your specific field of work or set up a versatile all-in-one serial bus solution.

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Oscilloscope and Hardware Options

Keysight Part# Description
EXR108A 1 GHz bandwidth, 8-channel oscilloscope
EXR2WAV 50 MHz arbitrary waveform generator
EXR2MSO 16 digital logic channels
EXR2MEM-001 100 Mpts/ch to 200 Mpts/ch acquisition memory upgrade


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Software Options

Keysight Part# Description
D9010LSSP* I2C, SPI, Quad-SPI, RS232/UART, JTAG, I2S, SVID, Manchester
D9010EMBP* USB 2.0, USB-PD, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
D9010USBP* USB 2,0, eUSB2, Superspeed USB (5 Gbps)
D9020AUTP 100BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet
D9010MILP* MIL-STD 1553, ARINC 429, SpaceWire
D9011BDLP Basic Infiniium Protocol Trigger/Decode Bundle (Includes all packages with asterisk (*) above)