GW Instek: Power Testing Made Clear and Convenient.

Power testing is complicated. It has to be. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a useful test for the complicated real world. At your test bench, that means you might work with basic DC power one week—but next week you’ll need to simulate abnormal AC power from unreliable power lines.

With GW Instek’s power testing promotion, upgrading your test bench for tomorrow’s requirements is simple and convenient—and it’s easier than ever to stay under budget.

Promotion ends September 30, 2021.

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Model Description List Price Discount Promotion Price
Digital Power Meter 100kHz Test Bandwidth 16 bit A/D 300 kHz Sampling Rate $1399 15% $1189
1000VA AC/DC Source $2999 10% $2699
PSU 60-25
Programmable DC Power Supply: 1500W, 60V/25A $1996 10% $1796
PSU 40-38
Programmable DC Power Supply: 1520W, 40V/37.5A $1996 10% $1796
PSW 30-72
Programmable DC Power Supply: 720W, 30V/72A $1727 10% $1554
PSW 30-36
Programmable DC Power Supply: 360W, 30V/36A $1414 10% $1273
PSW 80-40.5
Programmable DC Power Supply: Auto-Range 1080W, 80V/40.5A $2250 10% $2025
Programmable DC Power Supply: 100W, 50V/10A with LAN $840 10% $756
Programmable DC Power Supply: 100W, 250V/2A with LAN $840 10% $756
1050W Programmable Electronic Load $4830 10% $4347
1050W/800V Programmable Electronic Load $5300 10% $4770
200MHz, 4CHs Oscilloscope (6-In-1) $1950 20% $1560
300MHz, 2CHs Oscilloscope (6-In-1) $2015 20% $1612
200MHz 4+16 CHs Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope w/ Dual 25MHz AWG $2054 >27% $1499
3.25G Spectrum Analyser w/ EMI Pre-Compliance $5500 15% $4675
EMI Near Field Probe Set $751 15% $638

Terms and Conditions:

  • In view of supply chain disruption by Coronavirus, GW Instek prefers to choose products which have stocks or are produced in Taiwan for this promotion.
  • Promotion Price cannot be combined with other education programs and MAP price should not be lower than promotion price.
  • Promotion ends September 30, 2021.