Keithley Source Measure Unit Bundle Promo

Two Great Solution Bundles: Limited Time Offer

Free KickStart / ACS Basic Software with Keithley SMUs

I-V Characterization for Research or Production Test
Through June 28, 2019 get either of two great hardware-software bundles for I-V (Current-Voltage) characterization. Both combine a highly versatile Source Measure Unit (SMU) instrument with software that allows you to quickly interpret the measurements you make.

Keithley Source Measure Unit (SMU) instruments precisely source voltage or current and simultaneously measure voltage and/or current.

Research Bundle

  • Keithley single-channel touchscreen SMU instrument
  • KickStart instrument control software ($257 Value!)

Single-channel touchscreen SMUs use familiar graphical interfaces, like icon-based menu structures, that provide ease-of-use at all experience levels. Other key features include:

  • Front-panel USB 2.0 memory I/O port
  • Dual 1 MS/s digitizers for fast sampling measurements (2461)
  • Enhanced sensitivity with 20 mV and 10 nA source/measure ranges (2450)
  • View 2400 Series comparison chart

KickStart software:

  • Plot data immediately
  • Quickly replicate tests and compare results
  • Get quick statistical summaries of the data in a reading table
  • Download KickStart data sheet

Production Test Bundle

  • Keithley 2600B Series two-channel SMU instrument
  • Choice of KickStart instrument control OR ACS Basic software*

With Keithley two-channel 2600B Series SMUs you can test devices more quickly and/or test a variety of devices simultaneously. Features include:

  • Test scripting for fast test execution
  • TSP-Link® expansion technology enables multi-channel parallel test without a mainframe
  • USB 2.0, LXI-C, GPIB, RS-232, and digital I/O interfaces
  • View 2600B Series comparison chart

* Please note: ACS-BASIC does not support the 2604B, 2614B or 2634B.




Keithley 2460 SourceMeter Instrument

Keithley 2460 SourceMeter Instrument





KickStart software






Keithley 2600B Series SourceMeters

Keithley 2600B Series SourceMeters

Terms and conditions:

  • Kick Start or ACS-BASIC must be ordered with the SMU unit
  • This program is applied to the models listed here during the sales program period: April 1, 2019 and June 28, 2019
  • Offer applies to new product sales only. Encore, demo, rental or used sales do not qualify
  • Tektronix reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time