Keysight AC Single-Phase Power Sources

Keysight's Complete AC Power Test Solution:

AC6800B Series Basic Sources / 6800C Series Performance Sources/Analyzers

An Integrated AC Power Solution

Keysight offers two families of AC power sources to meet your AC test challenges — from basic to complex. The AC6800B Series of basic AC sources offer stable, reliable power with models available up to 4000 VA. The 6800C series of performance AC sources provide a complete AC test solution with built in arbitrary waveform generator to simulate many types of power waveforms, at power levels up to 1750 VA. Both families may also be used to produce DC power, either alone or as a DC offset to an AC waveform. These AC Sources provide a low cost of ownership as they're backed with a three-year warranty and global support.

AC6800B Series Basic AC Sources

Whether you want to manually control your basic AC source on your R&D bench or program it to use in a fully automated test rack, the AC6800B Series will provide stable, dependable AC power to your DUT.

  • Models up to 4000 VA / 3200 W:
  • An intuitive user interface tested over time
  • Flexible IO: LAN/LXI Core and USB, and optional GPIB
  • RMS voltage up to 310 Vrms
  • Remote sensing
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6800C Series Performance AC Sources/Analyzers

The three 6800 Series models combine the features of a power amplifier and arbitrary waveform generator. Use the many standard preprogrammed waveforms or the transient generation system to simulate sophisticated and repeatable AC line disturbances. DC power can also be generated, either as a DC offset or as a pure DC signal.

  • Models up to 1750 VA:
  • Extensive built-in power measurement capabilities
  • Flexible IO: LAN/LXI Core, USB, and GPIB
  • Integrated transient waveform generation capabilities
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Model RMS Power RMS Voltage RMS Current Frequency AC Peak Current DC Power DC Voltage
AC6801B 500 VA 310 V 5 A 500 Hz 15 A  400 W 438 V
AC6802B 1000 VA 310 V 10 A 500 Hz 30 A 800 W 430 V
AC6803B 2000 VA 310 V 20 A 500 Hz 60 A 1600 W 430 V
AC6804B 4000 VA 310 V 40 A 500 Hz 120 A 3200 W 430 V
6811C 375 VA 300 V 3.25 A 1 kHz 40 A 285 W 425 V
6812C 750 VA 300 V 6.5 A 1 kHz 40 A 575 W 425 V
6812C 1750 VA 300 V 13 A 1 kHz 80 A 1350 W 425 V