Buy EXR 8 channel, Get a Free DSO4034A

Buy a Keysight Infiniium EXR 8 Channel:

EXR oscilloscopes are designed to meet tomorrow’s design and test needs as they evolve. EXR scopes combine cutting-edge hardware and a versatile software suite to deliver speed, power, and precision—all in an intuitive user interface. 

  • 100 Mpts/ch memory 
  • 4 Digit DVM, 10-Digit counter 
  • Always-on fast update rate 
  • Segmented memory & history mode 
  • Eye diagrams & clock recovery 
  • 50+ Voltage / timing Meas. FFT 
  • 500 GB removable

Get an InfiniiVision 4000 series oscilloscope

For a limited time,qualifying 8-channel Infiniium EXR oscilloscope purchases receive a DSOX4034A InfiniVision scope at no additional cost.

  • 350 MHz, 4 CH 
  • 5 GSa/s sample rate 
  • 1,000,000 wfms/sec update rate 
  • 4 Mpts MegaZoom IV uncompromised smart memory standard 

*This offer is not available online—contact us to claim your scope. 

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Ready to save?

Here’s how it works: The price of your Keysight InfiniVision DSOX4034A will be discounted from the price of your qualifying Keysight Infiniium EXR order. This offer is not available online. Please contact us to make the arrangements.

Model Description Bandwidth Channels Get Free Scope Downloads
EXR058A Real-Time Oscilloscope 500 MHz 8 DSOX4034A Infiniium EXR-Series Data Sheet
EXR108A Real-Time Oscilloscope 1 GHz 8 DSOX4034A Infiniium EXR-Series Serial Bus Config Sheet
EXR208A Real-Time Oscilloscope 2 GHz 8 DSOX4034A Infiniium EXR-Series Power Integrity Config Sheet
EXR258A Real-Time Oscilloscope 2.5 GHz 8 DSOX4034A EXR-Series SMPS Testing Config. Guide

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