Find rare signal anomalies with Fault Hunter for Keysight oscilloscopes

Tracking down signal anomalies early can save several days of design validation—but anomalies can be elusive. That’s where Keysight’s new Fault Hunter comes in.

How Fault Hunter works:

Fault Hunter uses advanced triggers to find small deviations in otherwise standard signals. It learns a normal signal in 30 seconds, then compares subsequent waveforms for up to 48 hours. When it finds an anomaly, it stops and saves the waveform for analysis.

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Hunt down these waveform anomalies:

  • Positive and Negative Glitch - Pulse-width triggers that focus on a pulse width that is thinner than normal
  • Positive and Negative Runt - Pulse-width triggers that focus on pulse height. A trace that fails to reach the expected height triggers on the runt or the smaller trace.
  • Slow-Rising and Slow-Falling Edge - Triggers related to the slew rate of a signal

What can you do with Fault Hunter?

  • Locate rare anomalies and examine the conditions around them
  • Share findings with your team quickly and easily
  • Screenshot anomalies for in presentations and Quality Assurance audits
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